MarCom MINUTES: 2017-07-21

Posted By Paul Osborn

Attendees:  Neil Bretvick, Wendi Fischer, Jenny Andrews, Bob Holert, Paul Osborn, Michel Carter, Girish Bhatia

This email sent to the new distribution group:  – please use this email address when communicating with the group as a whole from now on….thanks!

Action Items:

  • Wendi had some great ideas about how we could add ‘Levels’ to the PR Project Scoring System.  We’re looking forward to seeing how that develops!
  • Please review/suggest additions to the checklist and scoring system (this isn’t set in stone – its just what I came up with late last night…
  • We intend to meet after Rotary on the third Friday of the month for quick updates.  Next meeting is scheduled for 18th August.


  • This was a quick meet and greet to reiterate again the strategy that this group’s intent is to help the other members communicate on their own.
  • Paul introduced a new PR checklist (see attached) that the first project of the year – ‘BBRC Goes Barking Mad’ (bark spreading at Larsen Farm) scored a 19 on!  The idea is to gamify PR for all projects – anyone involved in/running a project can earn PR Points by posting on Facebook, the Web etc etc.
  • Welcoming John Cherry and Fred Janssen who evidently signed up for the PR Committee!
  • I will be looking for volunteers to write short ‘how-to’ manuals in their areas of speciality – both from a technical perspective (what buttons to push), but also some hints about what makes a good project write-up, blog, post, photo etc.
  • The absolute intention of this group is to get other people to do the work.  You’ve all spent years slaving away for the good of the Club – I’m not expecting you to continue to do so…hence the need to train as many others as possible!
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