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"Honoring a Lifetime of Commitment," Sayoko Kuwahara
. Five hundred martial artists and students, ranging in age from 6 to 88, marched to the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. Chanting and warming up their bodies by doing "kata" forms, they formed circles. When they heard the sound of a horn, they broke the circles, formed three-layer walls with their bodies, locked their arms together and left with fellow martial artists and marched straight into the ocean.

Hansi Takemishi Kuwahara is the world's oldest active practitioner of martial arts, and he just happens to be Sayoko's father. You do not want to miss this program, as she will walk you through the experience she had and the honors her father recently received at a gathering of martial arts masters in Virginia Beach, VA.

It is a tale of life-long commitment, a father-daughter relationship through martial arts, as well as goodwill between the US and Japan. [Rourke O'Brien]


From President Theodore Roosevelt, regarding leadership: "The best leader is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it."

Photo slideshow from this week's meeting.



Celebrating 25 Years, November 12

Celebrating 25 Years, November 12

BBRC Newcomers Club, November 3


Lee Smith


Jim Kindsvater

Real or Hoax?



    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club


    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    John Cherry & Jan Nestler

    "GOOD MORNING BELLEVUE BREAKFAST ROTARY CLUB!" was the rallying call of President Chuck Kimbrough. Bringing the meeting to order, he introduced John Cherry for our Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, and Jan Nestler, for introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests.

    Recognition of Jan Nestler

    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    Jan Nestler & President Chuck Kimbrough

    President Chuck surprised Jan Nestler with a bouquet of flowers as a remembrance from the club on her recent retirement. Jan is a long-time BBRC member and a Paul Harris Fellow. She is also the Founder of Elder and Adult Day Services (EADS) and recently retired as its CEO.

    President Chuck said, "We are aware that Jan is a nationally renowned expert in elder care services. In 1984, she began arranging care for the elderly with disabilities, which she ran out of her back pocket. Since then she has been able to gain state and federal accreditation for EADS, which has grown to three facilities, with over 1500 caregivers. Jan recently received the Senior Advocate Award for her work at EADS."

    EADS has provided non-residential, adult day health care since 1984. What began as one small, social day center has expanded to three day health centers focused on frail seniors and adults with developmental disabilities. The centers, conveniently located in Bellevue, Des Moines and Bainbridge Island, are the only day health programs in Washington State that are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), meeting rigorous guidelines for service and quality. Each year, hundreds of individuals and their caregivers benefit from the structured activities, health and rehabilitation programs, and socialization offered by EADS. These cost-effective, quality programs not only support families who choose to care for a loved one at home, they also help adults in the community maintain optimum health and functional independence.

    The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club collectively recognizes Jan for her outstanding contributions to the community, as she so naturally and gracefully demonstrates the Rotary "service above self" values.

    Expert Trainer Gives BBRC Fund Raising Advice

    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    Steve Goldfarb

    If there's anyone that knows a lot about fund raising, it is Steve Goldfarb. In fact, he is a Subject Matter Expert, called upon by President Chuck to offer some training for us in how to get to "yes" on sponsorships and contributions to BBRC. Steve's extremely profound quote was: "Ask not what Rotary can do for you, but what you can do for Rotary." He reminded us that everyone needs to be involved in getting sponsors for the Bellevue 5K in April, with a range of donation categories.

    Steve first expressed his expertise by saying, "I sell things." He also offered that the act of selling makes some people too nervous to do it. So he invited Larry Gill to help him role play three ways to invite people to contribute.

    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    Steve Goldfarb & Larry Gill

    First, Steve said, tell them something about BBRC, Rotary, and the event, and ask if they would sponsor the event. To which Larry (playing the role of prospect) responded: "I'll get back to you," which, to Steve, indicated a code for "blowing you off."

    Second, get back to the person and try again. Ask if they will sponsor. This time Larry responded with a flat "No." Steve indicated that: "You might get hit or punched, but that's the worst you can ever get." (This was especially encouraging to all of us.)

    Finally, Steve tried again and Larry said "Yes." So, that's the two worst things that can happen to you and the one best thing, according to expert Steve. This gives us great comfort in making the "ask" to organizations and individuals. Steve also reminded us that at the end of the year, a lot of organizations still have funds to commit, so go out and ask. Other organizations begin their pledges at the beginning of the new year, which is just a month away. He finalized our training by reminding us that we will be contacted soon by our team captains for involvement in fund raising.

    Housing at the Crossroads Appreciation Letter

    This past spring, BBRC awarded our annual Major Grant to Housing at the Crossroads for repair of siding and replacement of windows on an apartment building where they house homeless women with families. The letter from Jeff Roberts was sent to thank BBRC for their generous gift, as well as for the Grant Committee Work Party of 10 people who helped with demolition and preparation for the repairs.

    Thanksgiving Turkey Funds

    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    Paul Chapman

    "A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket. If it's not filled with cash today, I will blow a gasket!"

    This is a new version of the 1879 children's rhyming game, which Paul Chapman used to motivate our contributions to the basket he carried for donations to purchase turkeys for needy families during Thanksgiving week. We are so thankful for the opportunity we have in BBRC to serve others who are less fortunate. The revised rhyme was seemingly very effective for Paul, who, at the end of the meeting, had a full basket of cash. At last count, $1,238 was collected.

    District Governor Nominee (2012-2013) Steve Lingenbrink Update

    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    Steve Lingenbrink

    BBRC is very grateful to have one of our own be the near-future District Governor of District 5030. Steve Lingenbrink shared updates to keep us aware of what is happening around the District. This is especially helpful for new members and useful information for all of us.

    Within Rotary International there are 34 zones around the world, with 530 districts. In our District 5030, there are 55 clubs and approximately 3,300 members. Each year a District Governor Nominee is selected. This is usually done three years in advance of actually serving as the District Governor. Steve was on the DG Nominating Committee that met Friday to name Ezra Teshome the 2013/2014 District Governor. Ezra is now our DGND (District Governor Nominee Designate).

    The present District Governor, John Matthews, recently spoke at BBRC to share what is going on in the District. Steve shared that the training for this role starts early. He noted that "making our club proud" is important to him and he's working hard already, learning as much as possible. This is evidenced by the many Rotary Club meetings he is attending, our meeting being the eleventh meeting this week, with other meetings over the weekend.

    As in the past, there is a Rotary Foundation seminar that is required for a District Governor Nominee's attendance. "This year," Steve said, "there will be a Peace Scholar at the Seminar, one who is awarded a scholarship to get a graduate degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution to facilitate peace in the world. There will also be an Ambassadorial Scholar there reporting on her works in the world."

    Steve also announced several events to put on our calendars:

    Thursday, December 9th, from 5:30 to 8pm, ($10 at the door) a social event at the World Trade Center. ALL CLUB MEMBERS ARE WELCOME and the sponsoring clubs get to display their projects.

    April 29-May 1, 2011 - District 5030 Conference – Portland, Oregon. This event is a great Rotary learning experience. You will get to know the changes that are occurring, along with 24 learning break-outs and meeting lots of other Rotarians. The conference will be held at the Portland Hilton and Executive Tower. Click here for more information.

    For the conference, Steve would like to have a large contingency of BBRC members attend.

    One other note Steve reminds us about is our ability to do "make-ups" for missed attendance at BBRC. Next week the Bellevue Noon Club has a program about Rotary District Learning. This will be an excellent time for your next make-up event.

    Steve is an excellent representative for BBRC. He is a natural leader, with a big heart for all things Rotary. We look forward to having him be our representative as District Governor in 2012-2013.

    Gift Tags for Kids

    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    Christine Addison

    Christine Addison thanked the BBRC for continuing the Giving Tree tradition. Gift tags may be taken from one of the trees in the foyer til December 3. We have more tags, so please help if you can.

    Return gifts with the tags by December 10. They will go to families in need across the Eastside through Hopelink, KITH, and YMCA. YMCA gifts may be wrapped. If you have any question, please contact Christine.

    Golfing With the Elves December 24th

    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    Norm Johnson

    Norm Johnson announced this fun annual, semi-official BBRC golf outing. Its purpose is to celebrate the Winter Solstice and give members, family, and guests a fun excuse to get out doors during the busy holiday season. It will be held again at Mt. Si Golf Course, at 9:00AM, on Friday, December 24th. Contact Norm Johnson to reserve your tee time.

    New Member Meetinng Announcement

    Please remember the BBRC New Member Club meeting on December 1st, at Jitters Coffee Shop, from 7:00-8:00AM. Jitters Overlake is located at 15010 NE 20th St, Redmond. This is an excellent training event as you immerse yourself in all things BBRC.


    "What the Sam Hill Is the Rule of Law and Why Is It In the Middle of a War?" or "What's a BBRC Senior Citizen Doing in Afghanistan?" Mark Hough, BBRC Member

    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    Mark Hough

    Colleen Turner introduced speaker and BBRC member Mark Hough, saying, "One day, while I was emailing Mark, I told him I was interested in hearing about Afghanistan. I realized that as a member of the Program Committee, if I was interested, then the whole club would probably be interested. So I asked Mark if he intended to do a presentation at one of our Friday morning meetings about his adventures in Afghanistan. Mark —ever so humbly — answered, "If they'll let me."

    Mark Hough holds BA (1966) and JD (1971) degrees from the University of Washington. He worked as a trial attorney for the Federal Trade Commission from 1971 to 1973. After that, he practiced in three different law firms, most recently, Riddell Williams in Seattle, until December 2007. His practice was varied, about half being support to medium size businesses and half being litigation relating to business. None of this prepared him for entering the world of international aid and development. However, he jumped right into Afghanistan on New Year's Day 2008 and has been there ever since.

    Mark Hough – Classification: Roving Combat Lawyer

    Mark was warmly welcomed to the speaker podium as one of our own who continues giving a lot of himself to make a difference in a troubled part of the world, Afghanistan. He indicated that teaching and determining the subject of the Rule of Law is essential to counter-insurgency. It has become an important part of the military effort there. "However," Mark said, "It is far from reality there."

    The Rule of Law exists when the rules of a legal system are clear, well understood and fairly enforced. This principle is intended to be a safeguard against arbitrary governance.

    In common language, "Rule of Law" in Afghanistan includes all the efforts by the US and its NATO partners to reform and enhance the legal system there. The military would like to re-establish functioning courts in all areas of the country to bolster the central government and eliminate the Taliban courts.

    "Since I returned to Afghanistan, the military has taken over the Rule of Law and has also provided support and protection for us. The Combined Joint Interagency Task Force (CJIATF 435) is the military coordinating group for all US government Rule of Law entities, including USAID, State Department International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Bureau, FBI, etc. You have to be approved at the highest levels of the US government. The State Department does the training in country."

    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    Mark Hough & President Chuck Kimbrough

    All of this is headed by Vice Admiral Robert Harward (whom Mark describes as a no-nonsense guy) has control, oversight and responsibility for this Joint Forces effort to assist the Afghan government as it builds capacity to enable a transition of self-sustaining Rule of Law institutions that are compliant with Afghan and international law.

    Mark indicated that the legal system there is difficult. Many districts do not have courts. Judges, not surprisingly, don't want to go contested areas of the country and many judges are ill trained, or not trained at all. Judges have been poorly paid, and the public has little confidence in the judiciary. Reforms will take a long time and there is much work to be done.

    Mark shared with us that Bagram Airfield Base is the largest base in Afghanistan with over 40,000 people there. He told us about a recent memorial that was built on this base with an I-beam segment from the World Trade Center, engraved with WTC 9/11/01 on it. Mark was there when it was unveiled this year on Memorial Day.

    Just for some background on the country there, Mark shared with us that Afghanistan is surrounded by other "stans." It is mostly mountainous, is landlocked and abuts China. Mark lives in Kabul and works with the University there. He travels to places he needs to go by small planes and helicopters. The winter there is short. Mark indicated that if the country weren't so messed up, one could appreciate the beauty of it.

    Mark is a contractor for USAID, which has been around since before Viet Nam. In the past it was an agency responsible for doling out foreign assistance. Now they contract out those services. He works with a contracted team on the Rule of Law Stabilization (RLS) Program. DPK Consulting, a division of Tetra Tech, Inc. is the USAID contractor and implementing partner. It is the successor to Afghanistan Rule of Law Program which ended in May 2009. His contract ends in May 2011, with a possibility of a one-year extension.

    A part of the Rule of Law Stabilization Program is to study the informal justice system which is a community based system. There are four components to the study system:

    Judicial Training to become a judge. Graduates are just out of law school ready to go into a 2 year program. Mark does some of the training. Court Administration Improvement to provide file folders with information approaches to track each case all the way through the appeal process. Legal Education provides capacity building of law and Sharia faculties. There is support for 16 separate faculties in 10 provincial universities. There are ten staff members, including one PHD and six LLMs, four from the University of Washington Legal Outreach and Awareness, which helps people understand their rights. Mark shared with us that Sharia is Islamic law, which is embodied in the Quran and other scholarly writings. It covers everything from personal to criminal law, and is also embodied in the Afghanistan law. In Afghanistan, graduates from both law and Sharia faculties can become judges, prosecutors and attorneys. The requirement for getting to teach there is that my education had to be from outside the country.

    The deliverables of Mark's efforts there are curriculum improvement, teaching methodology training and practical skills course support. Additionally, there is Moot Court support, academic legal English training, advanced legal training in the US, and provincial library improvement. They often have study tours to Islamic countries.

    Mark describes where he lives as garish and bizarre. The building is fondly called the "poppy palace." There are 5 floors in the building and security is a top concern. Security includes protection against bomb blasts. In front of every building are wire containers to provide protection against the blasts along with high razor wire. He said that security is everywhere. They travel in armored SUVs.

    The environment there is often filled with dust storms. Otherwise, it is very similar to the climate in Albuquerque or Denver.

    Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
    Mark Hough, Morris Kremen & Steve Peters

    Mark shared pictures of some street scenes. He said that most of the streets have interesting names that came from the business on the street. Examples he gave were Flower Street, Butcher Street, Chicken Street, and Toilet Street. "This last one," he said, "is not what you think, but rather a plumbing business is located there." Other pictures showed local bakeries with long pieces of bread, lots of fruits and vegetables, and Kebabs, which are very popular there.

    Lastly, the most exciting thing that happened recently there is the Afghan discovery of credit cards. Most Afghans have never seen a credit card before. Mark shared that he enjoys his work there very much, although it is a daunting task to try to implement a legal system.

    Q&A (member questions followed by Mark's response):

    Is it safe to walk around?
    No, it's not. My whole life is sequestered. It's like being in a minimum security prison.

    What percent of your students are women?
    Less than 5 percent in law school. In Sharia schools, most are women, however, there are certain things they can't study.

    Is there any sign of Rotary there?
    There are Rotary projects there. Theoretically they have clubs.

    How did you get into this?
    I fell into it. Most things I've done are like that. I heard they were looking for someone to teach there, and I said, "How about me?" They seem to respect elders there. I originally went for only three months.

    What is the court system like in Kabul?
    They don't have trials — 80% of the time the prosecution doesn't show up. There are no courtrooms or offices. Basically, when someone has stolen a car, they ask, "What do you have to say for yourself?" They definitely don't get the niceties of evidence.

    What is Sharia Law?
    It is all about money (inheritance, where the money goes). And, criminal penalties are lashing, hand slashing, etc. When there is no regular law, Sharia law rules.

    Is there any type of bombing on civilians?
    Mostly they blow themselves up, so that's not a problem.

    If our military extends to 2014, what will happen?
    I think we'll be out of there by then. The military doesn't face the same things as in Viet Nam. They are a professional Army. It is very difficult there. It's about Clan warfare and it is ideologically based. It reminds me of the way we treated Native Americans after the Civil War. You don't really know whose interests are being served.

    How is the economy?
    The country is "mineral rich" with copper extraction. This is a potential salvation for their country.

    We are so grateful for this presentation from Mark Hough. President Chuck presented Mark with a certificate designating 750 pounds of food for Northwest Harvest.

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