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"A Truly International Business," Manfred Markevitch, Chief Financial Officer, CNH International SA, Lugano Switzerland (part of the Fiat Group), will be joining us to discuss the Fiat Group and the subsidiary that is his employer, Case New Holland (CNH) International (, a world leader in agricultural and construction equipment businesses. After giving a brief introduction of the Fiat Group activities and those of CNH, he will take us on a world tour of his travels (for work) to India, China, Uzbekistan, Japan, and Australia. With Manfred's job, home is where you rent your car! [Holert]
1. Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything. ~ Charles Kuralt

2.The reason the Romans built their great paved highways was because they had such inconvenient footwear. ~ Charles de Montesquieu
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Rotary Academy Registration/Information
Rotary Academy Registration/Information
Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
President Chuck
The invocation was given by new BBRC member Kevin O'Brien, who emphasized the Rotary motto: "Service Above Self."

Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
Paul Chapman & Kevin
O'Brien (with Wendi Fischer
adding her 2¢ worth)
Paul Chapman introduced our visitors. We had three from other clubs: Ralph Salerno, from Rotterdam, NY; Fredericka Husby, from the Philippines; and Greg Welsh the Greater Bend Rotary Club in Oregon. Fredericka is visiting while her husband receives medical treatment nearby. We all wish him a speedy recovery.
Goodbyes to Our Exchange Student
Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
Jon Quinlivan & Mike Ralph
On behalf of the BBRC, Mike Ralph said goodbye to our Spanish exchange student, Jon Quinlivan. Jon just returned from a trip visiting major cities on the West Coast with the other exchange students. Jon expressed his thanks for the hospitality of the club and its members, but said he's ready to go home.
Golf Tourney Recap
Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
Tim Moriarty
Golf Committee Chair Tim Moriarty gave a summary of the July 26th BBRC tournament at Willows Run, with special thanks to everyone who made this year's fundraiser such a tremendous success. Tim especially recognized Dick Brown for delivering beautiful weather. Dick has a near-perfect record in that department: we've had sunny days for 14 of our 15 annual tournaments. When asked what his secret was, Dick declined to share, but said he'd will it to the BBRC someday.

Tim said we had 121 golfers and netted over $41,000. Special recognition went to our in-kind sponsors: Steve Szirmai, who donated the signage from his Bellevue Fast Signs business; Katherine De Stephano, who donated the vests from Helly Hansen, and Robin Callan, who donated the golf balls, most of which now reside in woods, high grass, or water hazards.

Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
Dick Brown & Tim Moriarty
Tim gave the credit to all of those on the Golf Committee for a job well done — co-chairs Robin Callan and Mike Ralph, plus all of the other members: Rick McManus, Ted Ederer, Ann Norman, Lennie Lutes, John Martinka, Chuck Kimbrough, Howard Johnson, Tom Helbling, Chris Monger, Jim Carney, Joellen Monson, Steve White, Katherine De Stephano, and Brian Evison

He also recognized once again all of the generous financial sponsors of the tournament. If you missed the listing of them last week or at the tournament, here they are again:

Eagle Sponsor Level:  $2,500
  • Steve Lingenbrink, PS
  • Friend of Bellevue Schools Foundation (Howard Johnson)
  • Norman & Kitto, PLLC (Ann Norman)
  • BBRC Microsoft employees (Bill Spencer, Curtis Cummings, Morris Kremen, Celia Morant, Wendi Fischer, Ercan Turkarslan)
  • Escape Outdoors (Katherine De Stephano)
Birdie Sponsor Level:  $1,250 +
  • The Monger Company & Family (Chris Monger)
  • The Law Office of Thomas D. Smith, PLLC (Tom Smith)
  • Fortune Bank (Lisa Forest)
  • Powell Development Co. (Peter Powell)
  • Stephen M. Waltar, PS
  • Advanced Renal Technologies (Robin Callan)
  • “Partner” On-Call Network (John Martinka)
  • St. Peter’s United Methodist Church (Roger Allington)
  • Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP (Rick Klobucher)
  • Chuck and Nancy Kimbrough
  • Bender Chaffey Corporation (Steve Bender)
  • The Hong Family
  • Charter Private Bank (Mike Ralph) 
General Sponsor Level:  $625
  • Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler (Steven Goldfarb)
  • Andelcare
  • Kim Shrader
  • Sterling Savings Bank (Ruben Ladlad)
  • Ted and Jeanne Ederer
  • NW Haiti Biofuels (Steve Roberts)
 Complimentary Hole Sponsor Level:  $250 plus
  • Arscentia (Lennie Lutes)
  • Symmetry Electronics
  • Doug Cameron
  • Colin Radford
  • Peach of Mind Estate Organization & Management (Tom Helbling)
  • Cruise Holidays of Bellevue (Colleen Turner)
  • AtWork! (Jane Kuechle)
  • Pacific Industrial Supply
  • Duncan and Haley
  • WestRiver Capital
  • Scott Galvanizing
  • Chuck Barnes
  • Brian Evison
  • Steven and Susan White
Adoption Party October 2nd
Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
Madeline Gauthier
Madeline Gauthier asked the BBRC to save the date for the October 2nd adoption party. We need at least 15 people to sign up to be drivers, and if you're interested, please commit soon, because all drivers must be approved through a Washington State Patrol screening process. Applications will be available at the cashier's table next meeting as well.
Sergeant At Arms
Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
Elena Howell
Elena Howell continued the golfing theme by having a putting contest and BBRC golf trivia quiz. Those tables that lost the competitions got to contribute to the cause. Chris Monger and Jim Zidar were the only putters who saved their tables, after cleverly observing that the left golf hole had less "break" than the right.

The answers to the trivia questions were:

The first BBRC tournament was held at Mount Si, and the year was 1996.

For those who forget, Norm Johnson was the chair, and the golf shirt was white with blue trim (Editor's Note: Yep, there is still one in my closet, even though I didn't join BBRC until 1997).
"Tolling on 520 Starts in Spring 2011 — What to Expect!" Patty Rubstello, Director of Toll Systems Development & Engineering for the Washington State Department of Transportation
Program Chair Bob Holert introduced Patty Rubstello, Director of Toll Systems Development & Engineering for the Washington State Department of Transportation, a title that is clearly too long for any standard size business card. Bob recounted his recent experiences with toll roads in Spain. There, he observed, the new toll roads are parallel to the older roads they replaced. The toll roads are free of traffic; the adjacent older and deteriorating free roads are bumper-to-bumper with traffic congestion. Go figure. That observation provided fodder for discussion in pondering 520 versus I-90 traffic in the speaker's Q&A.

Patty Rubstello, and the proposed SR 520 toll system.

Bellevue Breakfast Rotary ClubPatty Rubstello

Patty brings experience to the SR 520 project from the 167 and Narrows Bridge toll projects. Her current project, the toll system for 520, goes into effect in 2011. Her purpose Friday was to explain how that system will work, and what the current state of planning is.

As we all know, the 520 bridge is going to be replaced with a newer, high capacity floating bridge in a multi-year project. That project not only includes the new bridge, but expansion of the feeder portions of 520 on both sides of the lake, as well as enhancing the infrastructure that support 520, such as the Kirkland and Redmond park'n'rides and increased bus capacity.

This expensive project will be paid largely through user tolls, similar to what exists on Highway 167 south of Renton, and the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

A show of hands indicated that the vast majority of the BBRC members used the original 520 toll system, which was thirty-five cents per one-way trip, or a little less if you bought a discount book of bright yellow tickets (that looked eerily the same as the old BBRC raffle tickets).

Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
President Chuck Kimbrough thanks Patty Rubstello
for her program
. The new system will be totally different. The first noticeable change is that there will be no toll booths. Instead, drivers can subscribe through the "Good To Go" toll transponder system. This system, as Patty explained, will have a permanently affixed transponder card about the size of your Visa card that will be in the windshield of your car. It also works a lot like your Visa card: when you drive across the bridge, it will electronically charge your credit card or debit your checking account for that one-way trip.

What if you don't have a transponder? Patty said they've got that covered: the system will take a picture of your license plate, and then you'll receive a bill in the mail. The bill will include your toll plus a $1.50 processing fee. She even said that they have it worked out so they can bill out of state drivers.

The tolls are planned to be variable depending on peak versus slack period usage, ranging from $3.30 to $3.80 per trip. The tolls and all the policies (like exemptions) will be set by the Washington Transportation Commission, the same folks who set the fees for our ferry system. Under this toll system, government vehicles will pay, motorcycles will pay, and so will carpools. Bicycles and pedestrians are exempt, and the commission is studying whether there will be any other exemptions. BBRC scooter badges probably won't hack it.

Drivers will be able to establish the "Good To Go" toll accounts online, and the transponders may be available for sale at retail stores and mobile customer service centers at large public events. When can you sign up? Now. Here's the site:

The DOT education campaign is in full swing now, and the final toll rates will be set by the commission later this year.

The Q&A session revealed that there are some unknowns that will need to be addressed as the program unfolds:

Question: How long will the toll be in effect?
Answer: Indefinitely – until the project is paid for.

Question: What will the impact be on I-90, and will there be tolls there?
Answer: The DOT will study the impact the toll has on I-90 and make adjustments as necessary to balance the traffic. There are no current plans for an I-90 toll.

Question: Is this a public-private partnership?
Answer: No, it's 100% public.

Question: What determined the amount of toll?
Answer: Combination of the value of time and the cost of the debt.

Further questions? Contact Janet Matkin, Communications Manager, SR 520 Tolling at 206-716-1150, or visit
Web Fun
Finding Inner Peace

I am sharing this because it definitely worked for me and we all
could use more calm in our lives.

By following the simple advice I heard on a Dr. Phil show, I have
finally found inner peace. Dr. Phil proclaimed, "The way to achieve
inner peace is to finish all the things you've started."

So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn't

Before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of
Merlot, a bottle of White Zinfandel, a bottle of Bailey's, a bottle of
Kahlua, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my Prozac prescription, the
rest of the cheesecake, a bag of potato chips, some saltines, and a box
of chocolates.

You have no idea how freaking good I feel.

Please, feel free to share this with those you feel are in need of
inner peace.
Newcomers' Club, August 4
Newcomers' Club, August 4
Rotary First Harvest Work Party—check the calendar!
Rotary First Harvest Work Party—check the calendar!
Rotary Academy Applications Due September 24
Rotary Academy Applications Due September 24
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