VOL 21, NO 11, SEPTEMBER 16, 2008



Friday Program: "State of the Civil Justice System & Washington State Supreme Court," Justice Debra Stephens, Washington State Supreme Court | Opener | Announcements | Piggy Banks | Dino Rossi to Speak September 19 | Tyler Crosby Named #1 Marine in Graduating Class | Sergeant at Arms Re-Emphasizes the Importance of Not “Scooting” | Get to Know Our New Exchange Student, Cristóbal Baladrón | What a Day for a Picnic! | Web Fun


Next Week

Dino Rossi, Candidate for Washington State Governor

You must RSVP to attend this meeting! Contact Sayoko Kuwahara.


Thought For the Week

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.





Bob Bowen gave the invocation and lead members in the Pledge, and Bob McKorkle introduced visiting Rotarians and guests



President Jenny asked that we keep the following Rotarians and families in our thoughts and prayers:


Steve Lingenbrink - health concerns
Brian Evison - passing of Trish’s mother in Australia
Cary Kopczynski’s - wife Jan had surgery.


Howard Johnson remindedmembers about the Rotary First Harvest Work party being changed to the second Saturday in Kent.


Piggy Banks

Reveille ImageBob Bowen introduced Rich Bowen (no relative), who heads the “Renewal Food Bank,” a local organization providing assistance to individuals in our community. Rotarians were encouraged to take a colorful piggy bank home to collect change for this deserving charity. Piggy banks and their contents will be returned in December and will provide support to needy families for the holidays.


Does anyone want to consider decorating your piggy bank similar to the pigs we saw around Seattle a few years ago? We could vote for the best decorated pig before turning them in.


Dino Rossi to Speak September 19

Reveille ImageGOP gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi will be our speaker at the September 19 meeting. Sayoko Kuwahara made it abundantly clear — and in appropriate costume and assistance from Ryan Scharnhhorst and Steve Vincent — that is necessary for all Rotarians wanting a seat at this meeting to RSVP and provide the names of their guests.


If you have not responded to the email sent by Sayoko on September 5, please contact her to let her know whether you are or are not going to attend the meeting, and include the names of any guests.


Tyler Crosby Named #1 Marine in Graduating Class

Reveille ImageTyler Crosby, a recent Marine recruit, was introduced by his proud Rotarian father, Bob.


Tyler joined the Marines following high school graduation and recently completed boot camp in San Diego. Tyler received the honor of being recognized for being the highest graduate in his platoon.


Our best Rotary wishes go out to Tyler and his family.


Sergeant at Arms Re-Emphasizes the Importance of Not “Scooting”

Reveille ImageTom Harrelson was caught by Sergeant at Arms David Bolson for apparently scooting from the meeting without purchasing a scooter badge.


Tom was brought before meeting attendees to answer for this impropriety. After being represented by his attorney Chuck Kimbrough and brought before Supreme Court Justice Debra Stephens to explain the situation, he was absolved from further humiliation by explaining he was only leaving to go to the restroom.


Get to Know Our New Exchange Student, Cristóbal Baladrón

Reveille ImageMorris Kremen re-introduced our new Rotary Exchange Student, Cristóbal Baladrón from Chile. Cristóbal shared some of his experiences since arriving, including his extended summer vacation, due to the Bellevue teachers' strike. If you have opportunities to invite Cristóbal to join you and your family for outings, sporting events, etc., please keep him in mind and contact Morris.


What a Day for a Picnic!

Reveille ImageKudos and many thanks to Wendi Fischer and her team for a wonderful BBRC Family Picnic at Perrigo Park. The entire event was a delight — from the choice of Perrigo Park to the delicious food to the perfect weather, and especially the BBRC fellowship. Nearly 20 club members participated, and when you add in all the family members, we had a crowd of more than 50 people! SAA David Bolson was a wonderful burger and dog chef, standing in for someone who will not currently be named but will, certainly, be invited by David to join him in front of the club to explain his unexpected absence at the picnic.


If you have not had an opportunity to attend a BBRC fellowship event this Rotary year, please make a point to get to the next one — the Oktoberfest in, of course, October! Steve Lingenbrink, co-chair of the Fellowship Committee, and his entire team are doing an outstanding job of putting together fun activities that bring us all together in the spirit of Rotary.


It was great to see so many newer BBRC members at the picnic, including Jeff Anderton, Kaj Pederson and Jonathan Koshar and their families. I think they would all agree, this really is the best darn Rotary club in the world!





Friday Program

"State of the Civil Justice System & Washington State Supreme Court," Justice Debra Stephens, Washington State Supreme Court

Reveille ImageChuck Kimbrough introduced Justice Debra Stephens, whose presentation focused on her path to the Supreme Court and the challenges of the Supreme Court.


Justice Stephens was appointed to the Supreme Court by Governor Gregoire in December 2007 to replace now-retired Justice Bobbe Bridge. She previously served as a judge for Division Three of the Court of Appeals, having been appointed and later elected unopposed in 2007. In the August 2008 primary election she ran unopposed for the 6-year term to the Supreme Court and is unopposed in the general election.


Reveille ImageJustice Stephens is the only Supreme Court Justice from Eastern Washington and a native of Spokane, where she practiced law until taking the bench. Her legal work focused on appellate practice, with over 125 appearances in the Washington Supreme Court, in addition to appearances in the Washington Court of Appeals, Idaho Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and as counsel of record in the United States Supreme Court. From August 1995 until April 2007, she helped coordinate the Amicus Curiae Program of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association Foundation, the longest standing institutional "friend of the court" program in the State. She has also taught as an adjunct professor at Gonzaga University School of Law since 1995


Challenges of the State Supreme Court include:


Providing ample authority in the legislature telling the legislature what it can and cannot do. Balancing the powers between legislative, executive and judicial branches of state government and enforcing constitutional protection in Washington State in the areas of search, seizure, privacy and positive rights such as ample basic education and funding for all.


Web Fun


The Handyman's Credos

Courtesy of Ernie Hayden


1. If you can’t find a screwdriver, use a knife. If you break off the tip, it’s an improved screwdriver.


2. Try to work alone. An audience is rarely any help.


3. Above all, if what you’ve done is stupid, but it works, then it isn’t stupid.


4. Work in the kitchen whenever you can. Many fine tools are there, it’s warm and dry, and you are close to the refrigerator (read BEER).


5. If it’s electronic, get a new one, or consult a 12-year old girl.


6. Stay simple-minded. Get a new battery; replace the bulb or fuse; see if the tank is empty; try turning the switch on; or just paint over it.


7. Always take credit for miracles. If you dropped the alarm clock while taking it apart and it suddenly starts working, you have healed it.


8. Regardless of what people say, kicking, pounding and throwing sometimes do help.


9. If something looks level, it is level.


10. If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.