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"Outrageous Learning — Foundational Thoughts on Reforming our Public Schools," Scott Oki, a former Microsoft executive and well known Seattle area golf course entrepreneur and philanthropist (the Oki Foundation), will talk about his recent book "Outrageous Learning — An Education Manifesto." In a thought provoking style, Scott will describe the ills facing public schools. He will also discuss some of his 11 "planks" — foundational ideas which offer a positive vision for bringing constructive change to public education. [Waltar]


“When the power of love exceeds the love of power, the world will know peace.” ~ Jimmy Hendrix  

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President Jenny Andrews

President Jenny sounded the opening bell at 7:25 AM with a full morning agenda.

“Wingman” Roger Allington provided inspirational thoughts and the morning invocation:

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Paul Osborn & Roger Allington

"We ask of you, O, Great Spirit, that you be with us this day as we, members of the BBRC, go through this day and coming week to follow our motto of Service above Self. Help us to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with you in all that we do. ~ Amen"

New member Paul Osborn greeted a few visiting Rotarians and a slew of visitors, prompting Jenny to inquire if any of the regular membership was present.

Rotary First Harvest

Howard Johnson recognized members for outstanding volunteer hours at RFH, with special recognition to: Chuck Barnes, Jim Carney, Tamara Dean, Ron Healey, Elena Howell, Jonathan Koshar, Morris Kremen, Jim Owens, and Ruben Ladlad.

These Rotarians accounted for 20 additional person days of volunteer effort and, in the process, the BBRC has now surged ahead of the Kent and Mercer Island clubs, with just one month to go. We are an estimated 21 hours in the lead, as the #1 RFH volunteer club in all of District 5030!

Our next work party will be June 13 at the Northwest Harvest site in Kent. The most important names are not those listed above, though, but those unknown for whom we provide food in a time of need. Congratulations to all members who have made the effort this year to further this worthy cause with their time and/or dollars. Keep up the good work!

Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA)

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Riben Ladlad

Ruben Ladlad introduced the students receiving RYLA Scholarships from the BBRC: Robert Tubbs, a senior at Dartworth Academy in Bellevue, Gina Head, a junior at Bellevue High School, and Ben Lawry, a junior at Issaquah High School

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Robert Tubbs, Gina Head & Ben Lawry

Each participating student gave his/her impression of the RYLA training held at Pacific Lutheran University. Their initial hesitation after receiving the award vanished once they became involved in the weekend activities, and they did not want to leave.

Keep RYLA in mind and think of potential students for next year's class of BBRC RYLA recipients.

President Jenny thanked Ruben for his RYLA organizing and recruiting efforts.

BBRC Club Video

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Bill Rambo

Bill Rambo, club videographer extraordinaire, presented his video of the February 2009 rollout of the portable laptop lab donated by the BBRC to the CHILD Program on Mercer Island. This program supports children from 24 local school districts, as well as out of state students with learning disabilities. They have been extremely successful, with 90% of the students returning to their respective high schools and graduating. The video was shown at the recent District 5030 Conference and is available available in the BBRC Press Center.

2009 BBRC Golf Tournament

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Ted Ederer & Kim Shrader

Co-chairs Ted Ederer and Kim Shrader have emerged from the shadow of the Bellevue 5K Run/Walk with the second leg of the BBRC fund raising season. The annual Golf Tournament will be held on Monday, July 27th, with a 7:45 AM shotgun start, at the Eagle Talon Course, at Willow’s Run, in Redmond. Sign up early, for this event has been known to generate waiting lists. The cost remains the same as last year: $180 per player.

Kim recognized sponsors, including Bellevue Schools Foundation, Microsoft, Helsell Fetterman LLP, Steve Lingenbrink P.S., and Helly Hansen. Additional sponsors are welcome. Contact Kim or Ted.

Proposed Members: Lehrer & DeJulio

Benjamin Lehrer is a sales associate and marketing coordinator for Banners on a Roll. He has learned about Rotary through his father, who is an active member of the Redmond Rotary Club.  Despite his young age, Ben is committed to service above self.  He serves as Youth Advisor at the Jewish Community Center and volunteers for March of Dimes.  He lives in Redmond, plays the guitar, and loves baseball.  Go, Mariners!  Ben's sponsors are Steve Lingenbrink and Jenny Andrews.

Matthew DeJulio is the owner of the moving and storage company, Western Van Lines, in Kent.  He lives in Bellevue with his wife Julie and two children, Alexei and Lindsey.   He has visited our club more than a half-dozen times already and cannot wait to jump into the fun we have in helping communities. He is involved in St. Monica Church and School and Seattle Jesuit Club. Matthew is sponsored by Tim Leahy and co-sponsored by Jenny Andrews.

REMINDER! Off-Site Meeting July 10 at Boeing

There will be an off-site meeting at the Everett Boeing Plant on July 10. If you have not sent your RSVP, DO IT NOW! Email Chris right away and tell him the number of persons in your group (including children 4 ft or taller). If you would prefer to drive separately rather than take the bus, please make note of that in the email. If you are NOT attending, please let him know that.


  • Buses pick us up at 7:30 am in Bellevue (location TBD, probably a park-n-ride lot)
  • 45-minutes tour begins at 8:30 am
  • Buses return to Bellevue around 10:00 am
  • Continental breakfast provided on the bus

There will be no additional charge to members for this program. The cost for guests will be similar to that for our regular meetings. 

This is a wonderful and unique opportunity to tour the world’s largest building, where the new 787 Dreamliner jet is assembled, and to see how the region’s largest employer manages a highly complex and fascinating manufacturing process.  This promises to be one of the year’s best meetings and a once-in-a-decade experience.  You won’t want to miss it!

Third Thursday Special! Beer Tasting & Barbecue With the Martinkas

You are cordially invited to the BBRC's May 21st Third Thursday social event (and make-up). It will NOT be at the Rock Bottom. It will be held at the John and Jan Martinka residence, 10819 101st Avenue NE, Kirkland, Ph 425-827-4979. Doors open at 5:00 pm; food will be served about 6:30 pm. Click here for a map.

We will host a beer tasting and barbecue, with five distinguished beer loving members at the tasting stations. These members are working hard to increase their beer knowledge, so we encourage you to come and see the results of their efforts and study. Your taste experts are:

  • Beer & Brats, May 21Steve Lingenbrink - IPA
  • Phil Salvatori - Porter & Stout
  • John DeWater - Czech & German lagers
  • Tim Leahy - Amber Ales
  • Jim Zidar - Pale Ales & ESB

Your job is to bring 2-3 bottles of your favorite beer that fit into any of these categories. Taste what the experts have, compare that to what you and your fellow Rotarians bring and have some fun!

There will be wine for those who don't care for beer [yes, it does happen].

Bring your spouse, your (potential BBRC member) friends, and your adult children. Please note: this is an adult event and is not for under-drinking-age children.

If you have not done so yet, CLICK HERE TO RSVP (no need for negative replies). This will be a great opportunity to socialize with your fellow members. If you haven't attended these events before this is a good time to start!

Last Minute Announcements

Chris Monger reminded members about the Boeing Tour on July 10th, 2009. There will be no meeting at Glendale, so sign up now to reserve your spot on a bus ride to Boeing’s Everett facility to view the home of the new 787 Dream Liner.

Jim Carney said that Hard Hat Tours of the new Coal Creek YMCA are now available on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please contact Jim for your tour.

Buddy can you spare a dime? Governor Jesse Tam will visit on May 29th. Bring your spare change for Rotary’s Polio Plus.

Reserve June 6th for Disco Fever Night at the Fischers'. The social committee is hard at work, so dust off your boogie shoes!

Today’s Program

"The Mumbai Terror Attacks — an Enhanced Threat," Bill Cooper

Reveille Image
Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper, introduced by Bill Rambo, is the former Chief of Police for Bainbridge Island and a trained and certified expert on terrorism. He explained to the BBRC membership that our “War on Terror” is not a recent phenomena that started with the 9/11 attacks, but a 1,400 year war that will probably last another 1,400 years. This is an effort that is being fueled by a hatred that few of us can even comprehend. These are very radical people who have upended the very core values of our first responders, whose priority has been to rush to the scene of a problem.

The Mumbai attacks, launched in November 2008 in Mumbai, India, followed a basic plan of multiple “landmark” attacks originally planned for New York City in 1993. Only this time, the terrorists took advantage of technology, using satellite phones, cell phones, GPS, CNN TV coverage, and Google Earth. This was combined with very detailed planning and training of the actual combatants. Sixty people were trained and ten utilized in the attacks.

Mr. Cooper has a personal mission of bringing awareness of terrorism off the back burner and back to the front of the stove. After 9/11 we said, “Never forget,” but we have. It has faded from our media coverage, and he feels that it will only be a matter of time before a series of well co-coordinated terrorist attacks occurs simultaneously in multiple US cities. We cannot expect our police to do it all, so a primary deterrent will be an alert and responsive citizenship whose responsibility is to observe and report suspicious behavior. It is up to us to “connect the dots.”

President Jenny presented Mr. Cooper with a thank you card indicating that a donation has been made on his behalf to Rotary’s Polio Plus Program.



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