Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club Reveille Newsletter

VOL 21, NO 24, JANUARY 20, 2009


"Seattle University — Return to Division 1 Basketball," Bill Hogan, Seattle University Athletic Director, who will describe the journey back to the top, as Seattle University returns to Division 1 Mens Basketball after 29 years — how it happened and what it means to the University. [Moloney]


Music brings people together. No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or our expression of love and faith, music proves: we are the same. ~ John Denver

Click here to view a slideshow of photos from this week's meeting.

President Jenny Andrews


President Jenny Andrews opened the second meeting of the New Year at the Glendale Golf and Country Club

The invocation and pledge were led by Greeter Lee Smith.

Greeters Lee Smith & Lorenzo Hines

Greeter Lorenzo Hines introduced visiting Rotarians and guests. Among them were Past District Governor (2000-01) John Nelson of Mercer Island; Jessica Ivery of Hopelink; Kemper Freeman of the Rotary Club of Belleve; former BBRC member Sharon Edberg; and Scott Harrison.

President Jenny once again thanked Steve Szirmai, Lorenzo Hines, and Microsoft for hosting the January 9th program on the Worldwide Telescope.

Gifts Presented to Glendale Kitchen & Food Service Staff

The Glendale Staff

President Jenny invited the staff of the Glendale Country Club to come out a. She gave them all a weather-delayed gift of the club’s appreciation for their friendly and excellent service each Friday morning.

Paul Harris Fellow Awarded to Rachel Lingenbrink

Steve, Terri & Rachel Lingenbrink

Dick Brown presented Rachel Lingenbrink with a Paul Harris Fellow award for her service while going on World Community Service Projects with her family. Rachel’s parents, Steve and Terri, were present for the award.


Joe Castleberry

Blue Badge Awarded to Joseph Castleberry

This award was also delayed by the weather, but was finally presented to Joe Castleberry, who completed all blue badge requirements in record time. Congratulations, Joe!

Michelle Kim Awarded Student of the Month

Student of the Month Michelle Kim


Larry May introduced Michelle Kim, a Bellevue Christian High senior who has a 3.98 GPA. Michelle is a musician and soccer player who will study music and economics in college. Michelle’s presentation was an inspirational message about “How the world is round.”

Report on Services of the New Bellevue YWCA

Sylvia Shiroyama

YWCA's Sylvia Shiroyama reported that Rotary has enjoyed a wonderful partnership with the YWCA. Local churches and municipalities have long struggled with how to address the financial, employment, housing, education, and counseling needs of very low-income and homeless individuals and families on the Eastside.

Today, the YWCA is helping to address this critical need. The YWCA of King and Snohomish counties serves more than 40,000 annually, with 88¢ of every dollar going directly to service.

Sergeant At Arms Corner

Cletis & Tim Leahy

Sergeant at Arms David Bolson coached Tim Leahy on the appropriate dress for Saturday night’s Champagne Wishes and Caviar Tasting at the home of Paul and Shannon Chapman, reminding Tim to put on his sport coat and tie. Bolson and Leahy faced a bigger project as Cletis (Curtis Cummings) came crashing in and after hearing of the party, was ready to attend and willing to bring his favorit caviar, “Mr. Trout’s Salmon Eggs.” Bolson was then faced with the challenge of doing a “makeover” of Cletis’ more casual shirt and trousers.

Rotary First Harvest Work Party

Rotary First Harvest’s next Work Parties are scheduled for January 24th with the Food Lifeline Warehouse in Seattle and at Northwest Harvest in Kent on February 14th. Bring friends or members of your family and help sort out food for the hungry. Remember: it counts as a make-up!

Valentine Dine-Around is February 14th!

Valentine Dine-AroundThe annual BBRC Valentine’s Day Dine-Around will be held this year on Saturday, February 14th. Dick Brown is accepting volunteers to host dinner in their homes. Six to eight guests will attend each dinner, and the host family will provide the main dish, one side dish and "spirits." The guests will be asked to provide wine and salad, or side dish or appetizer. Dick will arrange the dinners and notify the host families, who will invite their guests a few days prior to Valentine's Day. Until that time, the guests have no idea where and with whom they will be spending the evening.

Click here to sign up for the Valentine Dine-Around.

Rotary Foundation Theme, “Every Rotarian Every Year!”

Cary Kopczynski, BBRC’s RI Foundation Committee Chair, says “THANKS!” to all those members who contributed to our fundraising drive, "and that’s most of you!” Cary adds. “We appreciate it, and you can rest assured that your money will be put to good use in one or more of Rotary International’s many projects. Some of you, however — and you know who you are — have not responded.  Please do so.  Consistent with Rotary International’s goal of “Every Rotarian Every Year,” we are asking that each member contribute a minimum of $100 for this Rotary year (07/01/08 through 06/30/09).  Please consider giving more, however, since we’re shooting for an average of $300 per member. 

For information about the Rotary Foundation, click here.  Learn more about the better world Rotary is helping to create!

Annual BBRC Retreat Set

This year's annual retreate is set for March 20 and 21 at the Enzian Inn in Leavenworth. Make your reservations soon by calling 800-223-8511 and using Group Code 8164. Rates are $128 for one person, including tax.

Today’s Program

"Music Mobile Brings Piano Training to Children and Adults, Including Seniors!" Dr. Irene Bowling & Bill Pontius

Reveille Imagespeaker2
Dr. Irene Bowling

Rourke O’Brien introduced the Music Mobile Project and its founders Dr. Irene Bowling and her husband and bus driver, Bill Pontius. A former Rotary Scholar in 1986-87, Dr. Bowling has her BA from Arizona State, her MA from the University of Maryland, and her doctorate from the University of Washington. She is a well known artist and music instructor who believes that learning to play the piano is basic to learning to play all music.

Reveille Image
Rourke O'Brien makes the intro

Dr. Bowling developed a unique piano education program for students of all ages and abilities. Both Irene and Bill used video and slides to support their description of this unique project and their pioneering company, SeattleSoundFX. The Music Mobile is a private studio on wheels. You can “Take a trip on the Music Mobile” by viewing this King TV story about the project.

Irene and Bill gave many reasons for studying the piano. Most important is that it can become a partner for life. It helps develop hand-eye coordination in children and adults, and it teaches children and youth how to practice and perform under pressure. It is also affordable and participants can study and learn in groups. The outcome includes happy, healthy people. And therapeutically valuable and cognitive essential training from highly skilled and caring instructors.

The Music Mobile comes to the Eastside locations of the Bellevue Club and Trilogy. Dr. Bowling is looking for more locations and sites, a nd Bill has more buses waiting to be converted into music mobiles.

Web Fun

Courtesy of Chuck Barnes

What is the difference between http and https?

HTTP stands for HyperText Transport Protocol, which is just a fancy way of saying it's a protocol (a language, in a manner of speaking) for data to be passed back and forth between web servers and clients. The important thing is the letter "S," which makes the difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

The S (big surprise) stands for "Secure." If you visit a website or webpage, and look at the address in the web browser, it will likely begin with the following: http://. This means that the website is talking to your browser using the regular unsecure language. In other words, it is possible for someone to "eavesdrop" on your computer's conversation with the website. If you fill out a form on the website, someone might see the information you send to that site. This is why you neve, ever enter your credit card number in an http website!

But, if the web address begins with https://, that basically means your computer is talking to the website in a secure code that no one can eavesdrop on.

That means, if a website ever asks you to enter your credit card information, you should automatically look to see if the web address begins with https://. If it doesn't, there's no way you should enter sensitive information like a credit card number.