"Acupuncture — the Alternative Medicine," Peishan Chan, Bellevue Wellness Center. Ms. Chan is the owner of the Bellevue Wellness Center and will discuss their remedies and their effectiveness. (Evison)

“If it weren’t for Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television, we’d still be eating frozen radio dinners.” — Johnny Carson

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Anniversary Dinner RSVP

BBRC Annual Dinner
John Martinka announced that reservations will very soon (see RSVP link above) be available online for the BBRC Annual Dinner, which will be held at the Bellevue Westin Hotel on Friday, November 17. Remember, no meeting that morning at Glendale! The cost of the dinner will be billed on January statements. For those of you who want to wear your biker outfits, like you did in June — don’t! This is a dress-up affair, and that doesn’t mean studded leather tails. TOP

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BBRC Thanksgiving Food Baskets
Reveille ImageChuck Barnes wants you to pay for turkeys. No, this doesn’t mean make another political campaign contribution before the election. It means that BBRC has a goal of distributing 150 turkeys to assist needy families on the Eastside for Thanksgiving dinners.

Donations of food or money will be accepted at the meeting on Friday, November 10, and the dinner on Friday, November 17. Here’s what food you might consider donating:

  • 10 pounds of potatoes
  • 2 pounds of carrots
  • Pie crust mix for at least 2 pies
  • Pie filling for at least 2 pies
  • 5-pound box of Bisquick
  • 1 pound of butter
  • 1 large jar of jam
  • 10 cans of vegetables or fruit
  • 5 pounds of apples
  • 5 pounds of oranges


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Vol. 19, No. 18, OCTOBER 31, 2006
THE FRIDAY PROGRAM: Simplicity in Home Electronics (Craig Face) | The Prologue  | BBRC Annual Dinner | Student of the Month: Nathanael Crum | BBRC Thanksgiving Food Baskets | Walkathon, No, Rotary Walk — A Hike For Healthy Kids | Update on the BBRC Spray Park | Call For DG Nominations | Web Fun

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The Main Event:
Simplicity in Home Electronics

Reveille ImageJust when you thought your wallet was safe from the clutches of the Sergeant at Arms, we meet Andrew Face’s brother, Craig, who wants to take an even bigger bite out of your budget. Craig is the Washington/Oregon Regional Manager for Magnolia Hi-Fi, and he delivered a simplified version of home electronics for dummies (and there were plenty of them).

Before launching into his presentation, Craig related some of the challenges of growing up with a name like “Face.” Of course, we have had much fun with Andrew, who, for example, gets plenty of “Face Time,” and with other equally juvenile plays on words. But Craig observed that with a name like “Face,” there are certain first names that are probably not appropriate.



Reveille ImageReveille ImagePresident Zidar called the meeting to order, and because the agenda was full, he moved things right along. Colin Radford delivered the invocation; and Howard Johnson, fresh from a long trip to Turkey (Merhaba, Howard!), greeted the visiting Rotarians and guests.

Before Howard Johnson could sit down, President Jim presented him with the Rotarian of the Month award for September for all of the good things Howard does, including chairing the Rotary First Harvest Committee.

Continuing with awards, Dick Brown, of the Rotary International Foundation Committee, presented Larry Gill with his Paul Harris Fellow award. Congratulations, Larry!

David Bolson and Evelyn Cogswell then reported on the BBRC’s Dictionary Project. The BBRC has provided 320 dictionaries that have been donated to the Bellevue School District for use by third graders in six elementary schools. This Rotary project started in Petaluma, California, and there are currently 60 Rotary clubs in the United States have participated and this is a focus project in District 5030.


Reveille ImageStudent of the Month: Nathanael Crum

Nick Paget introduced BBRC Student of the Month, Nathanael Crum. Nathan attended with his father, Francis, and quite an impressive resume he has at Sammamish High School.

At the age of 17 he enjoys a 4.0 grade point average, has 11 advanced placement classes under his belt and is a National Merit Commended Scholar. Nathan finds time to compete in varsity cross-country and track, engage in several community projects, and works 20 hours a week at REI.

Nathan hopes to attend the University of Santa Clara, where he intends to major in environmental engineering and Spanish. Incidentally, he has exceeded the Spanish courses available at Sammamish High School and is currently involved in the Spanish immersion program at Newport High School, a class populated by students who have been educated in Spanish since kindergarten. As one of his counselors has stated, Nathan is “one of those young men who leaves one feeling as though life has improved just through knowing him.”

Congratulations, Nathan, and good luck in the future!


Walkathon, No, Rotary Walk — A Hike For Healthy Kids

Reveille ImageThis will not be the last time you have heard it, but Jenny Andrews, Chair of the newly-named Rotary Walk Committee, says you better mark your calendars now for April 28, 2007, the date of the first BBRC Rotary Walk.

Not to be outdone by Howard Johnson, our resident lyricist, Jenny penned a few lines which were sung to the tune of "Rock Around the Clock." For those of you who were not there, the lyrics are provided below. You may print this page, have it plasticized, and sing it in the shower to your heart’s content.

Reveille Image

One two three o’clock, four o’clock walk!
Five six seven o’clock, eight o’clock walk!
Nine ten eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock walk!
We’re gonna walk, gonna walk around the park next sprin.

Put your gym shoes on and walk with me
Earn some money for Rotary
We’re gonna walk around the park you see
Earn big bucks for charity
Gonna walk, gonna walk around the park next spring.

Well the raffle’s over, it was lots of fun
Gotta find a new way to git ’er done
We’re gonna walk around the park you see
Earn big bucks for charity
Gonna walk, gonna walk around the park next spring

Well Jimmy Z’s a cool and mellow cat
But Phil Salvatori? Well he ain’t that!
Gotta make some bucks for Phil to spend,
The BBRC, a helping hand to lend
Gonna walk, gonna walk around the park next spring

We’re gonna walk five miles, shine or rain
Not long enough to feel much pain
Bring your colleagues, neighbors, kids and friends,
Walk from the beginning to the end
Gonna walk, gonna walk around the park next spring.


Update on the BBRC Spray Park

Reveille ImageJim Owens provided a funding update for the Spray Park. The total project cost is expected to be $1.725 million. Of that amount, the City of Bellevue is contributing $1.2 million, including the land, design, construction and maintenance of the park.

BBRC’s goal of $520,000 is very close to being realized. The State of Washington has provided $250,000; BBRC, through major gifts, has provided $85,000; $50,000 has been contributed by SRO; $45,000 by King County Park Department; $4,000 by the McEachern Foundation and $27,000 has been raised from BBRC members and employers in the last two weeks, including an additional gift of $1,000 from Tim Moriarty. This leaves less than $60,000 to be raised so that construction can start in spring 2007.

Jim urged BBRCers to consider additional contributions (perhaps those which used to be made during the raffle campaign). If you are interested, see , or .


Call For DG Nominations

This letter is the official call for nominations for the office of District Governor, District 5030, for the Rotary year beginning July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010. The applications should be sent to PDG Kathy Johnson, no later than January 3, 2007. This is in accord with recent changes in the Rotary Manual of Procedure AND will gives future leaders more time to prepare for their positions.Principal duties of the District Governor include:Act as the officer of Rotary International in the District.

  • Further the Object of Rotary.Organize new clubs in the District.Strengthen existing clubs.Prepare and stage a District conference.Prepare and stage a District assembly.Prepare and stage a president elect training seminar.Personally visit each Rotary club.Issue a monthly newsletter to each president and secretary of the clubs.
  • Perform other such duties as assigned by the President of Rotary International, its Board, or as are inherent in the responsibility as District Governor.

These duties are discussed in more detail in the Manual of Procedure, and in the by-laws of Rotary International, Article 15.090.Another way to look at it: the Governor’s job is motivating, leading, creating, building a team, training it, raising money for wonderful causes, and helping clubs be even more successful.Principal qualifications for a District Governor include:

  • Membership, other than Honorary, in good standing in a club of this District.Full qualification for such membership in the strict application of membership provisions, and the integrity of his or her classification is without question.Membership in a club in good standing with no outstanding indebtedness to Rotary International.Service as president of a club for a full year ... or as Charter President for at least six months.Understanding of the duties of District Governor and a willingness and ability to fulfill such duties.
  • At the time of taking office, must have attended the International Assembly for its full duration and have been a member in one or more Rotary clubs for at least seven years.

These basic qualifications are discussed in more detail in the 2001 Manual of Procedure, and in the by-laws of Rotary International, Article 15.070 and Article 15.080.To place a nomination, a club must take the following actions:

  • Adopt a resolution of nomination, naming the candidate, at a regular club meeting.
  • Send a letter of such nomination, certified by the secretary. That is, the club must vote on the nomination, the secretary must sign a report of such vote.

The club will then send the following documents to the Chair of the Nominating Committee:

Each nominee will be asked to complete:

  • The “Governor Nominee Data Form” (referenced above)
  • A brief additional questionnaire ”Rotary Resume” (the nominee is to send this to the chair of the nominating committee) Please get ready so letter and applications can be sent before January 3, 2007.


The Main Event :
Simplicity in Home Electronics

Reveille ImageJust when you thought your wallet was safe from the clutches of the Sergeant at Arms, we meet Andrew Face’s brother, Craig, who wants to take an even bigger bite out of your budget. Craig is the Washington/Oregon Regional Manager for Magnolia Hi-Fi, and he delivered a simplified version of home electronics for dummies (and there were plenty of them).

Before launching into his presentation, Craig related some of the challenges of growing up with a name like “Face.” Of course, we have had much fun with Andrew, who, for example, gets plenty of “Face Time,” and with other equally juvenile plays on words. But Craig observed that with a name like “Face,” there are certain first names that are probably not appropriate. He claimed to have researched the Face family genealogy and found no evidence that any of the Face brothers’ forefathers had ever been named Richard. (This reporter has had his own share of challenges dealing with his last name and remembers only too well the pitfalls involved in assigning first names to children. There was no Heidi or Ida in my family.) In making his introduction, Andrew also let it slip that the Face brothers had slept with each other, albeit as youngsters. Sometimes you hear more than you really wanted to know.

Having the two brothers together afforded another opportunity for another bad pun: the program was “Two-Faced.”

Reveille ImageCraig overcame the adversity of the Face household and has become a senior manager in the Magnolia Hi-Fi organization. He has spent 23 years with Magnolia, which now operates 20 stores from Everett to Los Angeles and one in Atlanta. Magnolia Hi-Fi was purchased by Best Buy in 1999, which had the good sense to leave Magnolia Hi-Fi as a stand-alone retailer of high-end electronics. Craig announced that by the first of next year, there will be 347 Magnolia Hi-Fi departments in Best Buy stores, including one in China.

Craig’s real presentation was a primer on a few often used, but poorly understood, technologies in the home electronics business. Craig did a commendable job of de-mystifying some of these terminologies; this reporter being something less than a “techie,” was praying that he could get the gist of Craig’s presentation reasonably accurate. Fortunately, President Z had the presence of mind to ask Craig to put his comments in writing. They are included below.

Craig started off with High-Definition technology. High-Definition Television has three principal attributes. First, it is wide-screen technology; that is, the screen has a ratio of 16 wide to 9 tall. To compare this ratio, an old television has a ratio of 4 wide to 3 tall. Thus, High-Definition TV has approximately 1/3 more width, something that Craig points out is ideal for watching sporting events.

Second, the picture quality is substantially different. Old television has 480 interlacing lines, and only half of them, or 240 lines, are visible at any given time. HD TV has at least 720 lines, progressively presented, so that you are seeing them all at the same time. This gives a superb depth-of-field impression.

Reveille ImageThird, sound quality is essentially the same as in a theater with something called 5.1 Surround Sound. Five Point One Surround Sound involves a center speaker under or over the screen that carries most of the dialogue, in a movie, for instance. There are forward, left and right speakers which provide stereo sound. Typically these speakers provide the movie music score and special effects. There are two rear speakers which incorporate a slight delay and reverberation to give a sense of depth and space. And then there is the Gonzo bass for all those very cool explosions and for cleaning the plaque off your teeth! Interestingly, Craig said that women are driving sales of HD TV.

Types of HD TVs: Advantages & Disadvantages

Tubes – You can still find the old tube in HD, but it’s going away for three main reasons: depth, weight, and they’re ugly.

Flat panel is the hot category and comes in two forms presently: Plasma and LCD. Both are 4” or less in depth, can be hung on the wall, and are fixed pixel display, which means they have a certain number of dots this way and a certain number that way. They are each available in what is called 480P (ED), 720P or 1080P, all of which are considered HD. The 720P is simply 720 LCD or plasma cells (pixels) counted vertically. The 1080P is a sharper picture because it is half again more, or 1080 pixels. Think of paint by numbers with 50% more spaces to paint in, assuming you can color inside the lines, the picture has more detail.

Here are the relative advantages and disadvantages of each:

LCD is better for static images. If you are a big Pong lover, watch a lot of QVC, want to use your big screen as a computer screen for Excel spread sheets, or continuously keep the stock ticker running across the bottom, LCD is better. The flat screen monitor on your lap top or desk top computer is an LCD. A static image on plasma will burn in the image. LCD is also better if there is a large window behind you without blinds. Think mirror; it isn’t the ambient light, but the reflection that will drive you crazy. LCD is your choice for 32” and down, as the smallest Plasma on the market is 37”.

Plasma on the other hand has deeper blacks and better “shadow definition,” which is the ability to see detail in the dark areas. The processing speed in plasma is faster and better for action. LCD is improving, but still has a bit of a lingering tail on fast moving objects. Presently Plasma is less expensive in the shared size ranges, 42” – 50”, although that may change over time. It also is currently available in larger sizes than LCD. Be watchful: cheap plasmas are generally ED not HD; or 480P versus 720P. Remember the paint by colors. I prefer the picture quality of plasma which is available now in up to a 63” size.

If you want a real theater and can control the lighting, go with a front projection unit. These units can project on to as large a screen as you wish. The most common size range is 100 to 120”. These screens can be fixed, or you can have an electric screen that automatically drops out of your ceiling when you turn on the projector. These are not generally used in a family room, but in a specially, specifically made theater room.

If you would like to save some money and still get an excellent picture, you can choose a rear projection model. Unlike the days of old, these units are now very bright, light weight, and relatively shallow (most are between 12” and 16” deep). Available from 42” to over 70”, these are table top units. There are numerous technologies in these: LCD, DLP, and LCOS. My favorite type of rear projection is DLP, simply because it has the best black level, which gives it excellent contrast, detail, and depth of field. This technology is found on Samsung, Mitsubishi, and other brands. If shallow isn’t a big deal, a DLP rear projection big screen is a great alternative.

Craig gave some pointers on how to compare products once you have decided what you want and have gone to the bank for a second or third mortgage.

How to Compare HD TV Picture Quality

• Detail – Look inside the picture and focus on a person’s face or other single object. The better units are sharper and you can see detail differences if you look inside the big picture.

• Video noise – Look at a stationary object for movement in the picture. The best unit's picture is rock steady.

• Processing speed – Watch a running back go around end, does the picture stay sharper in motion that the other set? Your kids will appreciate the difference when gaming.

• Depth of field – Look in the background. Does the mountain seem farther away? If so it has a more three dimensional picture.

• Shadow definition – Look at dark areas in the picture. Better units not only have blacker blacks, but within the black have more shades of gray. Look for detail in the darkness, some will have it others will simply be a blob of black. TVs with poor shadow definition will drive you crazy in darker movies like Harry Potter.

Craig correctly observed that the installation, hook-up and preparation of all of this technology is over the heads of most consumers and recommends paying for a custom installation.

Finally, Craig highly recommends that any such system be provided with a very simple end-user remote with only a few buttons on it, like On, Off, TV, DVD. Otherwise, for the technologically challenged, it is an impossible task to sort out which remote does what, etc.

Thank you, Craig, for de-mystifying this high-tech stuff!


Web Fun

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