VOL 19, NO 47
, JUNE 5, 2007

Friday Program: "Cozi Central — Getting Families Synched up with a Life Changing Freebie!" Robbie Cape,
 | Celebratory Memorial Lunch in Honor of Carol Hoeft | Preliminaries | Classification Talk: Jim Carney | Special Presentation: Tom Smith | Mini-Club Assembly | Rotating the Wheels Dinner | SAA Report | Web Fun

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Friday Program
"Cozi Central — Getting Families Synched up with a Life Changing Freebie!" Robbie Cape, CEO & Founder of

Reveille ImageRourke O’Brien introduced our speaker, Robbie Cape, co-founder and CEO of

Cozi was founded 2 years ago to make life easier, less stressful, and more fun for families using the software.


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Reveille ImagePreliminaries

Jim Zidar opened the meeting by welcoming two special guests, Sally Gray, Past District Governor, and Don Gregory, Incoming District Governor.

Sadru Kabani offered the invocation and pledge, followed by Andrew Face welcoming visiting Rotarians and guests. The question of the day: what is your favorite vegetable? The answers were quite varied, from artichoke to avocado (Is that a vegetable or fruit?) to potato chips.

Quick reminder: signed Thomas-EL books have arrived. If you ordered one, please contact Rourke O’Brien if you didn’t pick it up at the meeting. Book sales raised over $400 for the Rotary Foundation.

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Special Presentation for Tom Smith

Reveille ImageSally Gray was visiting the BBRC to give special thanks to our very own Tom Smith. As we know, Tom was instrumental in creating the BBRC strategic plan and our mission, vision, and values statements. Word got out, and Tom has been recruited to help PETS with their strategic planning, and he created a 5 year plan for Rotary First Harvest.

Tom already has one sapphire Paul Harris, and Sally Gray honored Tom with his ssecond sapphire Paul Harris for all the work he has done for Rotary.

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Classification Talk: Jim Carney

Reveille ImageSome members are a little slower than others when it comes to completing all the requirements on their red badge. Jim Carney checked another item off his list today by giving us his classification talk.

Jim’s sponsor is Alex Rule, whose advice was, “They want to know all about you, so start at the very beginning.” Jim was born in Okinawa. His dad was in the service and stationed there. Growing up, Jim had one concern: could he still be president of the USA having been born in Okinawa? His dad assured him he could. Then, Jim was crushed when Richard Nixon gave Okinawa back to Japan. Now he feels like a man without a country.

Jim actually grew up in Mount Vernon, attended University of Washington, and then Seattle University for his Masters in Finance. He married his college sweetheart, Melody. They have a 16 year old daughter who is an incredibly easy teenager. To make up for that, they have a 12-year-old son who Jim says is “going to be a challenge.”

Jim started working in commercial finance and was contacted after several years by Bernstein and asked if he would come to work for them. It was an intriguing opportunity and it allowed Jim to move back into families. As he puts it, “My job is to help people sleep better at night.”

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Mini-Club Assembly

Reveille ImageShelley Noble, along with her committee heads, presented a mini-club assembly on the Community Service Committee. Sometimes we forget how much good we do, but take a look at this list:

Kevin Jewell - Community Service

  • Funding to the YMCA

  • Assistance to a family who survived Katrina

  • Thanksgiving baskets

  • The Annual Giving Tree

  • Edith Watson’s dreary home made cheery

Chip Erickson - Preserve Planet Earth

  • Tree planting along the Mercer Slough in Redmond

  • Multiple Adopt-a-Highway clean-up parties

  • A new project coming this fall

Ruben Ladlad - Youth Services

  • Day Planners for Sammamish High School

  • $15,000 in scholarships

  • Matching funds for a Bellevue school to have the First Move™ chess program

  • The revival of RYLA; we sent 4 students this year

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SAA Report

Our Sergeant at Arms, Andrew Face, allowed Scott Hildebrand to share his news: Scott recently passed the California Bar Exam. (Does anyone else wonder why the word “bar” is in the name of the big test attorneys have to take?)

Reveille ImageNext up, Andrew brought Incoming District Governor Don Gregory up to thank him for getting his packages mailed safely. Andrew had a large cardboard cut out of Don Gregory (or someone who looks just like him) dressed in a postal worker uniform, happily representing the great work our US Postal Service does, especially at the holiday time.

With his busy upcoming year as District Governor, Don won't have time for his extracurricular pursuits of late. It's a good thing the Dancing with the Stars finale coincided nicely with the the end of this Rotary Year, so Don can get a good head start on 2007-08.

Finally, Andrew invited us all to relive our college days playing a little game of Quarters, although in this case, it was Pennies. For those of you who didn’t go to college, Quarters is a game in which you try to bounce a quarter off the table in to a glass full of your favorite beverage. In our case, the first person to get his/her penny in a glass did not have to pay a dollar — everyone else did!

*Note: Jimmy Z was a little concerned as this was not a pre-approved activity. However, there were no animals or humans hurt at this event.

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The Friday Program:
"Cozi Central — Getting Families Synched up with a Life Changing Freebie!" Robbie Cape, CEO & Founder of

Reveille ImageRourke O’Brien introduced our speaker, Robbie Cape, co-founder and CEO of

Cozi was founded 2 years ago to make life easier, less stressful, and more fun for families using the software.

Many people live the “deferred life plan.” This is when you are living one life, in order to prepare for one you will live later. Several friends passing away (too early) led Robbie to realize you need to do today what you want to do for the rest of your life. For Robbie that was building a business. Robbie started at Microsoft planning to be there for 3 years; 12 years later, it was time to get out and do what he had in his blood (father and grandfather were both entrepreneurs) and start his own business.

Core Values:

  • Trustworthiness and Integrity

  • Intellectual Horsepower

  • Surround yourself with smart people

  • Work-Life balance

    ... Many people don’t think CEO’s can have work-life balance, but if it is important, it can be done

Starting a Tech Business:

  • Start with the smartest people

  • Have a bold vision

  • Listen to your consumer

    ... Great ideas are overrated

Leading a High Horsepower Team:

  • Hire only the best

  • Give them a great place to work

  • Let them solve hard problems

    ... Engineers love to have a focus

My Three Priorities:

  • Recruiting

  • Recruiting

  • Recruting

    Remember, my business is IP

Unusual Things I Do:

  • Have people set their own salary

  • Call Cozi a “family”

  • Treat employees like family

  • Overspend on benefits

  • Re-hire everyone once a month

    ... I am transparent … really!

Cozi Central is Command Central. It allows busy parents to manage the chaos of family life. By developing strategic partners, Cozi can be free to families. The Cozi software can be downloaded and will connect all of your computers — even if they are not on the same network — and your cell phone.

Reveille ImageGrocery shopping made easy. With Cozi, there are no more lost or multiple grocery lists. It is right there at Cozi Central. If you are at the grocery store and forgot your list, you can have a text message sent to your phone or you can have your list read to you. Anytime you think of something you need at the store, just hop on any computer and add it, that way your list is always up-to-date and you don’t forget to add it when you get home.

Scheduling busy families. Cozi allows you to easily keep track of who is going where and when. Each family member has a color code, so at a glance, you can see who is busy when. If it’s an “all family” event, there is a color code for that too. Again, you can add appointments and sports practices from any computer, so your calendar is always up to date. No won’t have to say, “I’ll check the calendar when I get home.” It’s right there, on any computer, waiting for you.

The Cozi Collage feature keeps your favorite photos in a collage on your desktop. You can see the smile on his face as your son slides into home plate. A constant reminder of why your Cozi calendar is filled with so many baseball practices and games!

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Web Fun


Reveille ImageIf you actually get all the way to the bottom of the Reveille and normally read Web Fun, you have the chance this week to participate in a new and perhaps recurring feature. If you don't get to the bottom and usually don't read Web Fun ... then ... stuff it! I can say that because you aren't reading it anyway.

This past weekend at Duval Rotary Club's "Big Rock Auto & Motorcycle Show, BOTH of Steve Lingenbrink's Harleys won! His red chopper won Best Custom Award and his Green Screamin' Eagle Electra Glide won Best Overall "Hog Heaven" Award! As Steve said: "What a day!"

If you would like to comment on Steve Lngenbrink's honors or congratulate him or give him a virtual pat on the back, or if you just want to ask him why in the heck he has two motorcycles, you can do so below.



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"Starbucks Entertainment Division," Ken Lombard, CEO & President, Starbucks Entertainment. Ken Lombard will discuss how the company has made a transformative impact on the entertainment industry by providing a new and convenient way for consumers to discover, experience and acquire all genres of great music as well as exceptional books and films. Prior to joining Starbucks, Ken was the President of Magic Johnson Enterprises. He is a graduate of the University of Washington and is a former Husky basketball player. (Goldfarb)


“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.” — Jim Ryun

Click on the names below to wish your fellow members a happy birthday or congratulate them on their BBRC anniversaries.


Jim Kindsvater, 06/03
Chip Erickson, 06/09
David Bolson, 06/11
Jim Carney, 06/11
Margie Burnett, 06/25
Chris Monger, 06/26
Alex Rule, 06/27
Alan Forney, 06/28


Kim Shrader, 18 yrs
Bob Holert, 17 yrs
Alex Rule, 12 yrs
Scott Sadler, 12 yrs
Jay Powers, 10 yrs
Steve Waltar, 9 yrs
Andrew Face, 6 yrs
Zul Alibhai, 2 yrs


Celebratory Memorial Lunch In Honor of Carol Hoeft
Reveille ImageFamily, friends and colleagues of Carol Hoeft are invited to a luncheon celebrating her life on June 14th at the Mercer Island Community Center.

Carol Hoeft was an active Manager with over 30 years of dedicated work in the field of substance abuse. The Therapeutic Health Services family would like to invite you to attend this celebration of Carol's life and visit with colleagues, friends and industry leaders.


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Don't forget to RSVP for the annual Rotating the Wheels dinner, set for Friday, June 29, at the Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville. The theme will be Florida Keys, and the cost is $40 per person. RSVPs either way! Whether it's a yes or a no, the Fellowship Committee needs a response! CLICK HERE to RSVP! Festivities start at 6:00 with dinner served at 7:00.

Hmmm ... it's interesting, isn't it? Chuck Barnes is obviously dressed for the Rotating the Wheels dinner, and he is clearly encouraging YOU to sign up, yet his name is not yet on the list of those who have signed up. Very interesting, I say.

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