Vol. 18, No. 19, NOVEMBER 7, 2005:
The Friday Program: A Visit by District Governor Sally Gray | Thanksgiving Baskets in the Spotlight | Foundation Month Gets Underway | Raffle Reaches New Heights | Sergeant At Arms Corner | Emails From Margie | Slate of Officer, Directors Presented | Friday Potpourri | Web Fun

the friday program:
A Visit by District Governor Sally Gray


x1107Gray1Past District Governor Dick Clarke did the introduction honors for District 5030’s current Governor, Sally Gray, whose home club is the Rotary Club of Bellevue. Sally has perfect attendance, racking up a perfect attendance record for all her 14 years as a Rotarian. Some kind of record! Sally was the Bellevue Rotary’s first woman president; she’s held an Assistant Governor assignment, is a Bequest Fellow for the Rotary Foundation and has a classification of Stock Broker.


A tradition in the District is an annual visit by the Governor to bring each club’s membership up-to-date on happenings at the District level. Sally is the Governor of one of 529 Districts worldwide. She opened her remarks by saying that “this is the first year of Rotary’s second century ... an opportunity for new achievements.”



Thanksgiving Baskets in the Spotlight

Your Community Service Committee, chaired by Kevin Jewell, has but one Friday to collect items for the traditional BBRC support of baskets for families at Thanksgiving. With our shortened meeting schedule in November, only Friday, November remains for collection of food items or cash for this important seasonal project.


X1107pleasehelpFamilies from Hopelink and the Eastside YMCA are helped by the club’s generosity. Here’s how you can help:


  • Bring an item from the list below.
  • Bring a check which might cover the cost of a turkey. Make checks out to BBRC.
  • Help the committee shop immediately following the November 18th meeting.

The Food List:


10 pounds of potatoes

2 pounds of carrots

Pie crust mix for at least two pies

Pie filling for at least two pies

5-pound box of Bisquick

1 pound of butter

1 large jar of jam

10 cans of veggies or fruit

5 pounds of apples

5 pounds of oranges


Tie the string around your finger (do it NOW!) to remind yourself to either bring the items to the 11/18/05 meeting or cut a check to account for your donation. Thanks in advance from the BBRC Community Service committee!their induction.


Foundation Month Gets Underway

x1107ChandlerDon Chandler showed an excellent RI DVD extolling the virtues of the Rotary Foundation. Capturing the theme “Every Rotarian, Every Year,” the video highlighted the various successful major programs of the Foundation — Ambassadorial Scholars, Group Study Exchange, Rotary Centers for International Studies (Rotary World Peace Scholars), Humanitarian Grants Program, Matching Grants, and PolioPlus. The Foundation receives funds through the Annual Giving program from Rotarians worldwide.


“The need to increase our contributions substantially is evident for us to keep pace with requests. Increasing our membership would help satisfy the need for funding of worthwhile projects,” Chandler said. He also said that the Foundation Campaign committee is prepared to complete the request for funds from club members THIS MONTH. This means that all members will need to communicate their plans for participation in the Annual Giving campaign. About 35 members handle their contribution by a quarterly pledge. Others have already made their contribution. The goal is 100% participation by all BBRC members.


Raffle Reaches New Heights

x1107ROTMA preliminary final tally after Friday’s meeting showed $16,000 new dollars turned in on the Raffle’s very final day for a new record of $110,000. With a successful Golf Outing producing some net numbers, the combined total of all Raffle efforts may well reach record proportions.


By the time the Reveille goes to press, the Raffle will be history. Tuesday at Trudell, Bowen and Lingenbrink’s offices in Kirkland, the winner raffle ticket will be drawn according to requirements set by the State Gambling Commission. The winner will be announced at Friday night’s Anniversary banquet. In case you’ve forgotten, the top prize was a 2005 Volkswagen convertible.


For their hard work and dedication on behalf of the Raffle, President-elect Jim Zidar was praised by President Lingenbrink and Peter Powell and Cyril Faulkner were named co-Rotarians of the Month for November for heading up the Raffle Committee and the Accounting Team, respectively.


Sergeant At Arms Corner

Chris Ballard played the award-winning BBRC Sergeant’s Game, “To Tell the Truth” with newcomer Tim Leahy the centerpiece.


x1107SAATim told his audience four things about himself, one of which is false.


He is the nephew of Frank Leahy.


He was the lead singer in a rock'n’roll band .


He graduated with degree in radio TV from WSU.


He officiated at college football, basketball, and baseball games.


Four tables said he couldn’t be the nephew of Frank Leahy of Notre Dame fame, one said he couldn’t have been in a rock band and three said he wasn’t no referee/umpire.


Turns out the Sergeant At Arms really cleaned up, since no table picked the false statement – Tim graduated with a degree in Radio/TV from Eastern, not WSU — $180.00 was banked in the SAA account!


Emails From Margie

(Margie Burnett has kept the club informed with a series of emails highlighting her visit to Ethiopia and Uganda. She is due to return home later this week).


Let me first say I almost chickened out about coming up to the northern part of Uganda because of all I heard about the fighting, etc up here. 


I am now here in Gulu and have had the most amazing experiences today and this evening. In order to really understand we would have to have a history lesson about the civil war and politics here so I won't bore you. But what is happening presently is that rebels are capturing children and forcing them to fight with them or become "wives, etc." so every night 1000+ children walk into the city from the countryside to sleep in camps provided by World Vision and other NGO's to escape being abducted. We did a symbolic walk with the children into town tonight. Some of them walk over 4 miles from their homes every night to be in a safe place.


You might think it would be very quiet and scary. But it was not. You know, whatever is happening in children's lives is their reality. It was to me almost like a county fair. All of these darling children, walking with their brothers and sisters and friends, like they were going to a sleepover. Actually they each have their own blanket and place to sleep each night. And also, since we were white, we're almost like celebrities, so they want to shake our hands and practice their English.


So much for Uganda. Thank you also for your love and support.


 • • •


Hi All,

First of all, thank you, thank you for your emails.  I love getting them but don't always respond to each individually.


We spent the afternoon today visiting a camp where refugees are living. Thank you God (and Mom and Dad) that I was born in America. This situation here is very under- reported in the US press. There are over 1 million refugees living in camps in northern Uganda. The civil war has being going on for almost 20 years. You'll hear more about it when I get home.


We also went to the hospital where they had the Ebola outbreak 5 years ago. I was not aware until I got here to Uganda that it was part of the agenda but I went along anyway. I definitely used a good dose of hand sanitizer when I got out of there. While at the hospital we saw the building that US taxpayers paid for. It was the nicest building in the whole place.

Well, they're lined up to use the one computer here at the hotel and our Rotary meeting with the locals will start soon, so bye and much love for now.


Your pal, Margie.


• • •


Hi Again,

We are hanging out in the hotel waiting to go to the airport for America. I am flying from Entebbe airport to Addis, Ethiopia, Rome, WA DC, Atlanta and then Nassau. 


This morning I finally delivered the letters from the school kids in PeEll to a school here in Kampala. I took loads of pictures so you can see the difference between our schools and theirs. I'm sure not one in the US would be willing to trade. I ran out of film just as the kids were lining up to have their breakfast which comes at 10:30 am. It consists of a sort of thin mush, fried sweet potatoes and popcorn. These kids are lucky as some schools I saw up north don't provide any food during the day at all.


Friday Potpourri

x1107AndrewsLingenbrinkProceedings opened with a welcome back to Jenny Andrews returning from her PolioPlus experience in Ethiopia. She presented President Steve with two banners from Addis clubs.


Brian Evison gave the invocation and led the pledge to the flag.


Bill Brooks greeted several visiting Rotarians: Scott Bowen, Mercer Island; Don Gregory, Tukwila, District Governor Nominee; Conrad Lee and Frank Young, Bellevue Rotary.


x1107GreetersSteve Wood, better known as “LeeAnn,” was introduced sitting at the upfront table inhabited by seven Steves. LeeAnn subbed for Lingenbrink. The club is nearing its 10% limit on Steves.


A Reminder: Pictures for the Web Directory will be taken Friday morning, November 18, beginning at 6:45. No appointment necessary. Don’t be without a picture. This applies to all NEW MEMBERS as well as established members who may want an upgrade. Larry Gill will staff the camera.


the friday program:
A Visit by District Governor Sally Gray


x1107Gray2Past District Governor Dick Clarke did the introduction honors for District 5030’s current Governor, Sally Gray, whose home club is the Rotary Club of Bellevue. Sally has perfect attendance, racking up a perfect attendance record for all her 14 years as a Rotarian. Some kind of record! Sally was the Bellevue Rotary’s first woman president; she’s held an Assistant Governor assignment, is a Bequest Fellow for the Rotary Foundation and has a classification of Stock Broker.


A tradition in the District is an annual visit by the Governor to bring each club’s membership up-to-date on happenings at the District level. Sally is the Governor of one of 529 Districts worldwide. She opened her remarks by saying that “this is the first year of Rotary’s second century ... an opportunity for new achievements.”


The International Assembly in Anaheim, California was held in February, where the announcement of the new Rotary year’s blazer was made. President-elect Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar selected a Navy Blue jacket, with blue & yellow ties and scarves. His theme this year is “Back to Basics by using Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self as his term’s motto. His logo is the Rotary wheel.”


This year’s emphasis is in two major areas….literacy and water projects. “It has been said that to eliminate poverty and hunger in the world, you first must teach people to read and write. It’s estimated there are 860 million people who cannot read or write. The ability to read is essential to a good life.” Sally asks each club in 5030 to create a literacy project.


x1107GrayLingenbrink“It has also been said that in the future, wars will be fought over clean water. Today, one-third of world’s population does not have access to clean water and sanitation. 54% of children’s deaths can be attributed to lack of clean water,” the Governor said. Each club is being asked to sponsor a water project either on their own or in tandem with other clubs in the district or elsewhere in the world. The District can help plan those projects.


The Governor said that President Carl-Wilhelm has “definitely gone back to basics as far as membership is concerned. He’s asking that each of the 32,000 clubs strive for one net new member this year. Why harp on membership? There’s always a need for more Rotarians. Extension is important and because of its importance, four new clubs will be formed this year in District 5030.” Sally was happy to report that Rotary will return to Cuba after being absent for many years.


Demographics of the world reveal the population has 52% female, 48% male. Rotary on the other hand has 80% male membership and only 20% female. President Carl-Wilhelm says we should strive for a better balance to reflect the actual world demographics.


Annual Giving to the Rotary Foundation continues the theme of ‘Every Rotarian, Every Year. The goal is for 100% participation, so that all Rotarians have a stake in the Foundation. As Sally said, “You don’t give because you must, you give because you may.”


x1107ClarkeThis year, District 5030 has sent two high school teachers to posts abroad. This special project finds two teachers at posts in India and Mexico for a year. This project helps make the world a smaller and better place.


Last year’s Centennial Year elevated the public’s view of Rotary. “Our water and literacy projects will elevate the view of Rotary this year,” Sally said. “Our RI President has urged each District to create new affiliations with organizations that are already doing some of the things we want to accomplish. District 5030 has forged agreements with three organizations to further these goals: PATH, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Vision. We will have a district literacy project in Uganda and a water project in Sri Lanka.”


For the first time, District 5030 has established an office. “We are renting space from Rotary First Harvest at their offices on Mercer Island. Ellie Mazzarella is the District Assistant in the office. For the first time in several years, a District Directory was made available to all 5030 Rotarians. As for dates to remember, January 21 has been designated as Rotary ‘Service Above Self’ day, where each of the world’s clubs are asked to do a community service project that day. A team from Bavaria will form the Group Study Exchange this year, with the District have just selected our team to visit the German-Austrian District in the spring.”


x1107GrayOwensGordonThe District Conference will be in Whistler BC in April. It will have an Olympic Theme in preparation for the Winter Olympics coming to the famous resort in 2010. All of the events will be held at Chateau Whistler with the attendees going to the top of the mountain for a private dinner. Sally also mentioned that the District is forming a Rotary chorus. Call the office if you’re interested.


This year’s International Convention will be a series of ‘firsts.’ It will be the first time a convention has been held in two cities, located in two separate countries. Copenhagen Denmark/Malmo Sweden will host the International Convention. It will also be the first time in many years where the Rotary President is a citizen of the country where the Convention will be held (Sweden) June 14-20.


Sally reviewed the four major elements of emphasis this current Rotary year: 1) Each club will strive for a net increase in membership; 2) Continued support for the RI Foundation, maintaining the “Every Rotarian, Every Year” theme; 3) Plan effective service projects; and 4) Each club should be willing to train its members to serve beyond the club level.


For her presentation, DG Sally Gray received a certificate indicating that a book has been donated in her name to the King County Library System to promote Rotary’s emphasis on literacy projects. Thanks to Dick Clarke for his introduction.


x1107findxWeb Fun


The Pythagorean Theorem, according to Otis Spleemeyer.




It’s a BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY! The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club turns 20 and to celebrate, the entire club, plus invited guests will gather at the Bellevue Club for the BBRC 20th Anniversary Party!


happybirthday“Swing the Night Away” is the theme for the night, with great food, great music and great fun wound into the evening’s salute to the “Greatest Generation.” The date is this Friday night, November 11, 2005, with festivities beginning at 6:00 p.m.


A dinner of either chicken, pork or vegetarian is offered (and will have already been selected when you signed up). Dress is a “simple elegance of the time, with ladies in cocktail dresses, men in your Sunday best, OR, if you can get into your military uniform, your dress attire for evening wear.


Entertainment will feature BCC’s vocal jazz choir “Celebration!” Come join the BBRC to celebrate its 20th year serving Rotary. It will be an evening to remember.



There will be NO MEETING THIS FRIDAY MORNING, giving way to the Anniversary Dinner that evening. The final meeting of November will take place back at Glendale on Friday morning, November 18. That is a special day, because it’s the only meeting day prior to our Thanksgiving Holiday.


There are two important things going on that day:


Community Service Committee’s collection of food and financial donations for our Thanksgiving baskets program.


And, we have directory pictures scheduled for ALL NEW MEMBERS and those who may want a new mug shot on that morning, beginning at 6:45. If you don’t have a picture on your directory page, here’s your chance at a nice portrait by Larry Gill!


The next week of course is Thanksgiving, and as tradition has it, the BBRC does not meet the day after that holiday. NO MEETING ON NOVEMBER 25th.


x1107SantaLooking ahead, December is also a big holiday month, with only three regular meetings scheduled, on Friday, December 2nd; Friday, December 9th; and Friday, December 16th. The final meeting is the club’s traditional Holiday Breakfast when all the kids are invited. Rumor has it some rather chubby fellow will pay a visit bearing gifts for all the children.


Friday, December 23, is the official club holiday for Christmas; and Friday, December 30 is the official New Year’s holiday.


As the New Year begins, you’ll remember that Glendale Country Club closes for two weeks to take care of special maintenance on the facility. Therefore, the first meeting in January will be moved to the Rock Bottom in downtown Bellevue, where the RB’s Brewmaster will be in charge of the program. That’s at 7:00 a.m. January 6th at Rock Bottom.


The BBRC moves back to Glendale for regular Friday morning breakfasts on January 13.



“Be bold. If you're going to make an error, make a doozy, and don't be afraid to hit the ball.” — Billie Jean King 






Last year’s Rotarian of the Year celebrates his birthday this week…..Ron Healey blows out candles on November 9!



In addition to our charter members who celebrate November as their entry into Rotary, there are other fine Rotarians celebrating another milestone year in the world’s largest and finest service club.


Bob Moloney, 19 years

Steve White, 12 years

Steve Luplow, 8 years

Jim Kindsvater, 8 years

Sayoko Kuwahara, 4 years

Chip Erickson, 2 years



Terry Baker

Dick Brown

Doug Cameron

Don Chandler

Dick Clarke

Don Deasy

Jim Owens

John Smolke

Slate of Officer, Directors Presented

As per the Manual of Procedure, the Slate of Officers and Directors was made public Friday. President Lingenbrink announced the Nominating Committee offers the following slate for the 2006-2007 Rotary Year.



Jim Zidar


Immediate Past President

Steve Lingenbrink



Jeanne Thorsen



Steve Szirmai


Sergeant At Arms

Andrew Face


Club I Director

Wendi Fischer


Club Service II Director

Tom Smith


Community Service Director

Shelley Noble


Vocational Service Director

Carlene Buty


International Service Director

Curt Cummings


Foundation Service Director

Jane Kuechle



Phil Salvatori


Again, per Manual of Procedure, the election of this slate will be held the First Friday in December, or December 2nd. At that time, additional nominations can be made.





John Mix


Jim Kindsvater