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8th Annual
Golf Outing
Friday, July 11
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2002-2003 THEME

Vol. 15, No. 43, April 21, 2003


Steve Reynolds
Steve Reynolds

The Energy Industry

President & CEO of Puget Sound Energy Steve Reynolds came by for an “informal chat” about what the future holds for the energy industry. He was high on Rotary, saying, “You are incredibly generous. However, you should save some of your raffle winnings for yourself … to improve your dress! (observation on the flip-flops and khakis; see Tribute to Dick Brown).

President Reynolds opened with, “I like to do a fairly informal presentation when I have the opportunity to speak. I’d like to give you a ‘Primer on Energy’ – the industry that brought you Enron!”

Puget Sound Energy was described as a “switch hitter,” providing to its customers both natural gas and electric service. Forty-five percent of PSE’s power is generated from a dam somewhere … less than 5% from dams in Western Washington. We’re talking small dams … 35% of our hydro output comes from dams in the mid-Columbia and a big chunk from the State of Montana coal-fired plant. The balance of our need is from gas-fired electric generation … along the Coast range. So, primarily, our source of power is from hydro.” MORE

5030 Rotarians Gather in Victoria

Another eventful Rotary year culminates at the annual District Conference, where over 500 Rotarians from District 5030 will gather at the Victoria Conference Center this weekend. District Governor Rosemary Aragon will lead the participants through a three-day, activity-filled agenda.

The opening lunch on Friday focuses on Vocational Service, with Rotarians from the host district (5020) joining their 5030 mates. Sessions during the afternoon focus on National Immunization Day in Ethiopia, Community Service innovations, Rotary First Harvest’s 20th Anniversary, and a special speaker.

The evening dinner program will focus on Community Service.

On Saturday, the Rotary Foundation will be the theme at breakfast, with following sessions highlighting Foundation activities this past year. The afternoon Saturday is free for browsing Victoria. There are three special tours that Rotarians can sign up for, including a Pub Crawl, Chinatown Tour and an Empress Kitchen Tour.

Saturday evening’s dinner will focus on International Service, with a speaker and entertainment.

The Conference ends Sunday with non-denominational church services and a brunch, with the focus on Youth. After a business meeting, the Conference will close at 11:30.

Twelve BBRC members are registered for the Conference: Terry Baker, Margie Burnett, Don Chandler, John DeWater, Sharon Edberg, Brian Evison, Earl Falk, Norm Johnson, John Mix, Jim Owens, Terry Peterson, and Kim Shrader. Edberg is Conference Chairperson.

Peter Brings a Wife

Back in 1991, Peter Ulvksjold was a BBRC Exchange student. His term here coincided with Don Chandler becoming interested in the exchange program — an interest he holds to this day. Peter was this tall, gangly, incredibly cordial visitor from Denmark, who blessed us all for that year. Friday, Peter returned with his wife Ann to spend the Easter holiday with the Chandlers and get re-acquainted with the Seattle area. The Ulvksjolds live in Toronto. Peter is a salesman in the pharmaceutical field. It was a fine homecoming!

Chandler, Ulvksjold
Don Chandler (L) with Ann & Peter Ulvksjold.

Eyeglass Project A Winner

Eyeglasses Wrapped in a $5.00 Bill was a project to raise funds to support a program of much-needed eye care in India. A quick-hitting District project, Dr. Rick McManus took control and guided the BBRC to an outpouring of glasses and money. “I turned in the glasses and money for a grand total of $450.00 from the BBRC! Our club is truly amazing. Ninety pairs of glasses were donated to the people of India. Thanks to everyone for your help on this project.”

Each of the District’s 51 clubs was asked to participate, shooting for a goal of $12,000. PDG Duane Ruud and Redmond Club President Mike Amos spearheaded the campaign, which started in mid-March. The dollars donated will be matched with a like amount from a Rotary District in India and then a double-match from Rotary Foundation for purchase of a piece of laser equipment used in eye surgery. The glasses will be given to India’s citizens who suffer from eye disease.

District 5030’s Eyeglass project will reach a climax this weekend when the total effort will be made public. The donations will be reported to Past Rotary International President Frank Devlyn, who is the President’s Representative at this year’s District 5030 conference in Victoria. Coincidentally, Devlyn is Chairperson of Rotary’s Avoidable Blindness campaign.

Thought for the Week

Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it.  Autograph your work with excellence.


“A Call for Moral Leadership,” Father Stephen V. Sundborg, SJ, President of Seattle University – The kinds of issues we face as a community, region, and country require a new kind of leadership: moral leadership. The examples of recognized moral leaders show us what we need to face our growing issues together. What are these issues? Who will be our new leaders? How can all of us develop moral leadership in ourselves? Father Sundborg will explore these questions Friday morning. A perfect time to invite a friend, or potential member. Glendale Country Club, 7:00 a.m. breakfast, 7:30 meeting and 8:00 a.m. program.

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Now, go take a nap.

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