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2002-2003 THEME

Vol. 15, No. 42, April 14, 2003


John Dienhart
John Dienhart

Decision Making – Ethics Within Business

The BBRC’s annual ethics symposium was conducted by Dr. John Dienhart, the Frank Shrontz Chair for Business Ethics at Seattle University. He also carries the title of Director of the Northwest Ethics Network of the Albers School of Business at SU. Dienhart earned his PhD from the University of Illinois and has been teaching business ethics for over 20 years. The purpose of the Friday exercise was to provide an interactive ethics case before the Club and allow time for each table to discuss the various outcomes.

Dienhart first set the stage by defining business ethics. He asked if it was an oxymoron. He maintained that it should be an effort to understand how business can serve all its stakeholders or constituencies in a multi-sectoral way.

Another oxymoron would be “deafening silence,” or “airline food,” or perhaps “unethical business.” In order for ethical business practices to flourish, “you need transparency in business. Corporate failures mean unethical business to the general public. New legislation is being passed now to set further parameters in which business must operate.” MORE

Brown to Close Down Albert Ltd.

An icon on the Bellevue retail scene, Albert Ltd. will close its doors late this spring, as Dick Brown has announced a final sale. The firm, established first in downtown Seattle 63 years ago, moved to Bellevue in 1981. Dick and Judy Brown have owned the company since 1977. Dick said that “the cost of continuing to maintain quality of service has become prohibitively expensive.” In an accompanying article in the King County Journal, Brown blamed a combination of the extended poor economy, as well as the trend toward casual wear.

Dick was always heard to say, “If I can’t keep up the quality of service and merchandise, I can’t do the kind of job I’ve done all my work life.” MORE

Eyeglasses Wrapped in a $5.00

The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club has responded once again to the call for support of a worthwhile International project. Dr. Rick McManus, who stepped in to chair this month-long drive, reported that the total collected on behalf of the “Eyeglasses Wrapped in a $5.00” project is $375! “This club is truly amazing,” said Dr. McManus. “We still have one more week to go. This is a call to any members who have used eyeglasses gathering dust to wrap them in a $5.00 and bring them this Friday morning, April 18. This is the final Friday for this project, with the results being made known at the District Conference the following week. I am pleased that we have shattered PDG Duane Ruud's goal of $100-200 per club. Thanks to all the members who’ve participated so far. It’s been a great project!”

Bring your donations this Friday morning. Rick also has a box of used glasses that he can connect with your $5.00 bills!

Biking to Victoria

Ray Brook, the venerable bicycler, having just returned from a two-wheel trip through the Baja, invited Rotarians to take a Bicycle ride to Victoria for the District Conference. The flotilla plans to leave at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 24, cross the Sound to Bainbridge, and then cycle to Port Angeles. It’s a 70-mile ride. After an overnight at Port Angeles, the group will take a ferry to Victoria. Contact Ray through the Mercer Island Club.

Thought for the Week

May the luck of the Irish be with you.


Look into the crystal ball with Puget Sound Energy CEO Steve Reynolds, as he presents “The Energy Industry,” A timely topic, as energy companies continue to struggle with costs and PSE got the go-ahead to raise natural gas prices by 18% this month. Reynolds will explain what the future holds for PSE and the impact this may have on electric and natural gas customers. Breakfast at 7:00, meeting at 7:30 and program at 8:00 a.m. at Glendale Country Club. Bring a guest or a potential member!

Fourth Quarter billing went to the Post Office early last week. Look for it!

With many of our members traveling (Moloney’s in Prague, and Martinka was there last year), it reminds me of an item about the signs you see in foreign stops. They all try their best at English, but it often comes out as “Gringlish.” Try these on for size:

In a Korean cloakroom, “Please Hang Yourself Here.”

In a Kowloon hotel, “Is forbidden to steal towels. Please, if not person to do such is please not to read notice.”

In a Turkish restaurant, “Eat middle Eastern foods in a European ambulance.”

In a Hungarian zoo, “Please do not feed the animals. If you have suitable food, give to the guard on duty.”

And now, the Club Administrator’s thought for the weak:

Funny, I don't remember being … absent minded.

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