Vol. 15, No. 32, February 3, 2003

World Community Service – a BBRC Legacy

Mike Hyodo
Mike Hyodo

Mike Hyodo, Director of International Service on the BBRC Board of Director,s outlined several projects that have consumed much of the work of the Club’s International agenda recently. “Our newest project was just completed, where we helped purchase computer equipment for Casa De Menor, a cancer hospital in Rio de Janeiro. With $2,000 from the BBRC, another $2,000 from the Rio Club, and that $4,000 matched by the Rotary Foundation, a total of $8,000 was spent on this project – $8,000 goes a long way in many foreign economies.”

Hyodo listed the other projects the Club has participated in. Chris Monger has provided leadership this year for the Student Exchange Program, teaming with the other three Bellevue Rotary Clubs to sponsor Nacho Munoz from Chile.

Under the leadership of Chuck Barnes, the Club has just about reached its Polio Eradication Campaign and Annual Giving goals.

With committee chairperson Susan Harrison leading the way, the World Community Service Committee has completed or will complete the following projects: 

  1. Installing a four-chair dental clinic, providing relief aid to orphanages, and a prison in Perm, Russia;
  2. BBRC’s 240 wheelchairs have been shipped to Sierra Leone, in a joint project with Greg Gourley of the Redmond Rousers club;
  3. Steve Lingenbrink will be traveling to Trapichitos, Guatemala, to provide assistance to a project there;
  4. The Club has provided funds for refugees in Afghanistan;
  5. Provided Computers for the World
  6. Joined in a project to help build a medical clinic in Panama;
  7. Over the past five years, built three dental clinics in Romania, the Dominican Republic, and Perm, Russia.

“We are making a difference, and we could do more. If your heart lies in International Service, talk to Mike or Susan and join our efforts,” concluded Mike.


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