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2002-2003 THEME

Vol. 15, No. 31, January 27, 2003


Happy Birthday to US!

This is the beginning of the 14th consecutive year for publishing the Reveille. The first issue was published on February 5, 1989. It was a folded 8-1/2 x 11 inch piece of colored paper, mailed to the BBRC’s 80 members. Thanks to the support of all our members through the years, the Reveille has grown to its electronic stature of today.

If any current member would like to join the Reveille publication team,  contact John Mix and get with the program?

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Cary Kopczynski
Cary Kopczynski
Alex Rule
Alex Rule

Climbing the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming

In one of the BBRC’s famous “Been There, Done That” programs, the audience was entertained by the exploits of two of our number – Cary Kopczynski and Alex Rule – who teamed up last August to spend nearly two weeks in the obscure Wind River Mountains. In a brief, but powerful, introduction, President Kim Shrader hailed programs presented by our own members.

Cary and Alex have a common interest in mountains … and mountain climbing and hiking. Cary opened with a geography lesson. “Most of us know about Grand Teton National Park with the formidable Grand Teton peak at 13,700 feet. But, a stone’s throw to the east are the Wind River Mountains, which have taller peaks. Some of the nation’s largest glaciers, and 1,600 high-altitude lakes dot this area that is 120 miles long and 60 miles wide. The area is difficult to access, with the Bridger Federal Wilderness area on the western side and the Wind River Indian Reservation on the east.” MORE

Another Unanimous Vote!

Norm Johnson
Norm Johnson

The proposition from Rotary International for the BBRC to be a player in a 3-year pilot project tracking membership recruitment and retention was adopted by voice vote by the members of the BBRC Friday. Norm Johnson, who volunteered to present the proposition to the board and the Club remarked that the “BBRC is already doing perhaps 70% of what RI expects on this project.” President Shrader said the project will begin on July 1, 2003, and conclude in June 2006. “Members will be asked to help in many ways.”

The BBRC was nominated by District Governor Aragon and will be one of 102 clubs in the world participating in this pilot program. For the record, Steve Goldfarb fashioned the motion, with Phil Salvatori and others seconding. The only comment after the vote was from Chuck Barnes, who said, “We could have done this last week!”

Thought for the Week

Find some common ground with people you enjoy, and get out and hike! – Alex Rule


“Foster Kids in our Community,” Sharon Moores, Regional Director of Olive Crest, tells of the needs and problems associated with foster kids in the Bellevue/Seattle area. Bring a guest and/or potential member! Enjoy a wonderful buffet breakfast at Glendale starting at 7:00 a.m. Meeting follows at 7:30 and program at 8:00.

Attendance reminder once again: The Club appreciates the making up you do. Club Administrator enjoys it also, because we’ve had the best string of attendance since the Club was founded. We’re consistently topping 80%, which was a goal of the current administration. So, congratulations!!

On the down side, many of the attendance cards that are turned in don’t have the proper information attached. YOU MUST make sure the visiting club puts the Club Name on the attendance card. And, YOU MUST make sure the date you are making up is also on the card. You’d be surprised how many cards are turned in with the “Rotary Club of Somewhere” meeting at “No Specific Date.” Our attendance software won’t accept this non-information. Please help the CA by looking at your card and making sure this information is there.

You could skip all this hassle by just going modern – use the BBRC Make-up Form on the BBRC Information link on the website. Just follow the simple instructions. Try it! You’ll like it! Dozens of our members do so each week!


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