Vol. 15, No. 25, December 16, 2002

Ladlad, Purdy
Ruben Ladlad (L) and Tom Purdy

Friday Potpourri

President Shrader opened the meeting with introductions of Ruben Ladlad, who delivered the invocation; and Tom Purdy, who greeted three visiting Rotarians and numerous guests.

Kim noted that former member Susan Amini’s son, Cyrus, was awarded a Rhodes scholarship.

Phil Salvatori
Phil Salvatori

Phil Salvatori reported that the Christmas Giving Tree project is history, with all ornaments taken and filled. Presents will be delivered early this week to Hopelink and the Lake Heights YMCA for distribution to the recipients. Phil thanked the members for their participation in this project, reminding those who may not have had the opportunity to contribute, that a cash donation would help to offset the few ornaments that were not picked up. Check with Phil to see how you can help. The project raised 125 gifts for youngsters who would otherwise go wanting. Another premier project for the BBRC!

Lynne Gauthier
Lynne Gauthier

Lynne Gauthier, Community Service Committee Chairperson, reminded members of a collection of items for Treehouse, which supports foster children in the area. “There will be a collection of luggage and clothing in early January, so we hope you can help out.”

On a related note, Lynne said that each year at the Holiday Breakfast, the Club helps a local family who has encountered tough times. This year, the Club will help two families. “We’ll take them shopping, and I need some help from Club members to go on this shopping excursion. One family has a new baby due in two weeks, and Ron Healey volunteered to provide his pickup to transport some furniture and other items the family desperately needs.”

John Martinka
John Martinka

BBRC’s beloved Sergeant At Arms filled the Sergeant’s basket to overflowing, when he passed on the opportunity to fine the membership. But, in the spirit of the holiday, John Martinka allowed members to pay $5.00 for the privilege of telling the audience something they’re happy about. Call it “Happy Five Bucks!” John started the ball rolling by saying “it’s been a good year for my business!”

  • Chuck Barnes was thankful for his family gathering together at Thanksgiving.
  • Scott Sadler was happy for the $3,000 check for the YMCA.
  • Paul Martin will spend Christmas in Memphis with his family.
  • Colly Radford has sold his business.
  • Tom Smith picked up his first client check.
  • Frank Young just signed up for Social Security.
  • Jim Owens has a new grandson named after Chuck Barnes.
  • Bill Scott and family will vacation in Hawaii.
  • Jan Nestler thanks the “Best darn Rotary Club in the World for all of the years of support for the EADS.
  • Cary Kopczynski welcomes his 10-day old grandson.
  • Tom Purdy is happy to be celebrating his second year in the Northwest (you all!).
  • Margie Burnett was challenged by her trip to Ethiopia and is glad to celebrate Christmas in America!

All this happiness brought in $175!


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