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Vol. 13, No. 39, April 16, 2001

 House Painters Wanted!

A Cinco De Painto project on Saturday May 5 is planned by the Community Service Committee. The team of Ron Healey and Steve Luplow are putting together the shift schedule and all that stuff. Rumor has it that the first crew begins work around 7:30 that morning, and the next crew takes over around 10:00 a.m. All these times are TENTATIVE. Details should be forthcoming by this Friday’s meeting. Members trying to break collarbones or other appendages are asked to check out their own medical insurance policies (Remember, Mark?).

The home to be painted is owned by a married couple, where the wife is the sole caretaker and provider. Her husband has Alzheimer's (at the early age of 50) and is unable to work. She holds down two part-time jobs, which allows her some income and a little bit of time to support his needs. Their home was substantially upgraded a couple of years ago as a Christmas in April project, but the exterior of the house was not painted. Ron knows the family personally and knows they will be very grateful.

Sign-ups for this project will continue this week!


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