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Vol. 13, No. 39, April 16, 2001

 Friday Potpourri

Sergeant At Arms Rourke O’Brien takes aim …

… Mary Truesdell fires the spinning shot.

Madeline Gauthier offered an Easter invocation, followed by the pledge to the flag. Nancy Isely-Fletcher, CPA, gave a lesson in filing right up to the IRS deadline with her welcome to five visiting Rotarians and several guests of Rotarians.

Wendi Fischer took credit for the wonderful Easter cookies baked by her Mom. Thanks, Wendi’s Mom!

With a movement afoot to find the lost history and artifacts of the BBRC, leave it to Sergeant At Arms Rourke O’Brien to find the long, lost Roulette Wheel, the purpose of which was to determine the stiffness of SAA fines. The Wheel was originally constructed by President #2 Dick Clarke and was used extensively in the early Pleistocene Era. With Mary Truesdell assisting, the Wheel was spun to determine the extent of Joseph Brazen’s fine for “out-and-out self promotion in several recent newspaper spreads.” The fine was to be five times the amount rung up. Somehow, the clicker stopped at 20 and Joseph owed $100!

Kudos to President Cary Kopczynski’s son, Phil, who earned “Pomona Scholar” honors and a scholarship on to Oxford University. Wow! Happy congratulations, Cary and Janet!


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