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Vol. 13, No. 39, April 16, 2001

 Computers For The World Reports On
 Guatemala Excursion

San Judas Team
The San Judas team, plus Guatemala del Este Rotary partner and the school leader: [L to R] Rosemary Aragon (University Rotary); Abbie Wonderley; (behind Abbie) Bob Wilson, Garfield High School technology teacher; Father Axel, San Judas Tadeo church and school; Noah Weiss; Joy Andrada; James Schreiber; Michael Iadanze; and Roberto Cuevas, Guatemala del Este, our Rotary partner.

District Governor Nominee Rosemary Aragon filed this report upon the return of the Computers For the World Installation project in Guatemala:

    Our Garfield High school team consisted of five students and one teacher. My husband, Luis , a fellow University Rotarian woman, and I traveled with the team in mid-February. The team stayed with Rotarians or with members of the San Judas Tadeo school board. We lost a few days at the beginning of the trip  customs related   but all the computers arrived safely, none broken. During this period, the team traveled in Guatemala, saw the sites and bonded. In retrospect, I think this bonding experience is good to start these trips, since they have to work together so closely once the actual install begins. The students installed 48 computers in 2 networked labs. They networked the labs and also installed a Spanish version of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Operating System on some 20 computers. The school really wants them to learn the systems in English; that is why so many are in English. Our team interacted quite a bit with the students at the school, on one occasion, singing (and explaining) the Star Spangled Banner.

    Andrada, two students
    C4W project team leader Joy Andrada [C] working with two students.

    To our BBRC colleagues, thanks so much for donating Microsoft software to the C4WG (Computers for the World-Guatemala) project, for installation of computers at the San Judas Tadeo School in Guatemala City. The school, built by the San Judas Parish entirely by donated funds, serves over 300 low income preschool through junior high equivalent students in a very poor part of Guatemala City. Criteria for admission is a low income, working mother who can demonstrate that she is employed, e.g., in a maquilla, in a store, in her own home business. The moms pay about 60 cents a month for tuition and supply uniforms, food, books, and paper for their children. Given that, you can imagine that the parish/donation subsidy is significant. The donation of the software, through the good efforts of Bill Spencer , was a remarkable gift and significantly changed the impact of our work at the school. Thanks to Bill and also to Brian Evison!


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