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RI 2000-2001 THEME
Create Awareness-Take Action

Vol 13, No 37      April 2, 2001


John Mix

Jim Kindsvater
Wally Mahoney


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DISTRICT CONFERENCE, April 27-29, Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, B.C. For more information, contact Sharon Edberg. Also see this previous conference article.


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Michael Riley
Dr. Michael Riley, Bellevue School Superintendent

Bellevue Schools Report Card
After five years at the helm, Bellevue School Superintendent Dr. Michael Riley stopped by to give a report card on the system he heads. “We have lots to be excited about, but we’ve got to recognize we’re nearing a crisis in the availability of teachers.”

Dr. Riley said, “It’s a fact, the State of Washington is just not competitive in salaries paid to teachers, when compared to the rest of the U.S. We believe we must attract and retain the best teachers available to us, provide them with first-rate professional development throughout their careers, and make teaching intellectually, emotionally, and financially rewarding.” One third of Bellevue teachers are in their first two years of teaching, while 54% are in their first five years. Under state salary requirements, first year teachers earn $29,000 (bachelor’s degree). With five year’s experience, they earn $30,000 … and five years with a master’s degree gets them $36,000. As one member was heard to say after the meeting, “That’s criminal!”  MORE

Planning Gets A Big Shot At Port Ludlow

President-Elect Steve Goldfarb

A thorough discussion of priorities for the next Rotary year led members of the BBRC to conclude that this past weekend’s annual Planning Retreat was a success. Under a new format devised by President-Elect Steve Goldfarb, all of the 44 attendees got in on the complete agenda, making the final report a more sweeping tale of how the retreat reach agreement on top issues. MORE

BBRC Press Release
Monday, March 26, 2001
[Ghostwritten by Norm Johnson]
BBRC Still Plans To Relocate

The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, in a surprise announcement, indicated that they would be relocating club operations from the present site at the Glendale Country Club located in Bellevue, Washington, to a site to be selected in either Texas, Colorado, or Idaho. SEE DEASY’S ANSWER FOR QUINCY.

District Foundation Seminar This Saturday!
The District Foundation Seminar will be held this Saturday, April 7, at Bellevue Community College, Room N-201, on Saturday, April 7, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Club Presidents-Elect, Foundation chairpersons, and International Committee chairpersons are urged to attend.

Any member of the BBRC is welcome to attend. The program is packed with information about how Rotary serves to promote goodwill and understanding worldwide. Dick Clarke can provide more information.

THIS WEEK'S PROGRAM This week’s program features our own Robin Callan, who will explore the dynamics of the company he heads, Advanced Renal Technologies in Kirkland. He will talk about the mission of his company and discuss the products that have been developed for people suffering from kidney ailments.

As the new month begins, the BBRC can boast 111 active members and one member on leave (Ricardo D’Jaen). Average attendance for the five meetings in March was 82%. This is an increase over February, mainly because of make-ups turned in by traveling members. Remember, if you have absences that can be made up by attending other Rotary meetings, consult this website in the Calendar link for a complete listing of the meeting times and places for the other 50 Rotary Clubs in District 5030.

As you know, attendance is an important part of being a Rotarian. Rotary International requires 60% attendance as a minimum requirement, and half of those meetings must be in the person’s home club. When you have an absence, you have 14 days on either side of the meeting you’re missing to cover it. Nearly a month to cover an absence. This is not a heavy requirement. Explore how you can keep your attendance at a high level.

P.S. You know how hard it is sometimes to bring something to closure. For years, we have accepted applications for membership on a small font, mimeographed piece of paper (either one or two sheets). There is certain contemporary information missing on this old sheet, namely email addresses for home and business. If you spot one of these old applications, please confiscate it immediately and destroy it. You do not have to eat it or anything like that – it probably won’t endanger the security of this country. But, your act will be a blow for BBRC freedom!

There’s a new, updated version waiting for you in the Members Only section of the BBRC website. Try it, you’ll like it … and so will your Board of Directors!

As long as parents help kids with their homework, there always will be adult education.

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