Friday Aug 13, 2021

TreeFree Solutions - for Environmental Issues!

David Thielen

CEO and President TreeFree Solutions

Introduced by: John Schwager

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TreeFree Solutions’ mission is focused on Clean Air/Clean Soil by providing a sustainable, cost-effective feedstock supply for the production and manufacture of green value-added products made from NileFiber™ and Arundo donax, to replace wood and fossil fuels.

TreeFree has partnered with universities and other third-party research organizations to develop proprietary techniques for planting, harvesting, and processing NileFiber/Arundo donax and for commercializing NileFiber feedstock primarily in the energy, pulp and paper, and building materials sector. Currently, TreeFree is expanding beyond its research and development stage by building operations, marketing, and sales teams to bring its proprietary products and applications to the marketplace.

About the Speaker

David Thielen is CEO and President of TreeFree Solutions in Bellevue. He has over 25 years of customer focused results in key leadership roles and consulting engagements:
• Microsoft, KPMG Consulting, T-Mobile
• U.S. Air Force Veteran
David has consistently demonstrated his ability to set and deliver organization and product strategy by understanding the product, business and customer value, all while building a healthy and focused organization, validated by high-levels of customer and employee satisfaction.