Friday Apr 28, 2017

Jerry Dipoto

General Manager Seattle Mariners

“The 2017 Seattle Mariners”

Scribe: Neil Bretvick Introduced by: Bob Holert

Speaker Program:

Bob Holert introduced Jerry DiPoto, the Mariners GM.   Season though starting slow, has picked up recently.  Despite early injuries the team has started playing well.  He spoke of the recent 19 run loss and recalled a time he was pitching a game behind 24-2.

Into spring training, many changes were in place.  New pieces were added, including Segura and Haniger.  Jarrod Dyson was another key additions.  The bullpen has been an issue.  The Ms are leading the league in defensive efficiency.  Improvement has been shown at every new position.    James Paxton has had a huge improvement.  Jerry spoke of Felix and his struggles.  He also spoke of the transition in the careers at a certain age, especially for great players.   Chase DeYoung will start in place of Felix on Sunday.

Posey, Moore are great minor league pitching prospects.  The bullpen has great performers and poor ones.  Cishek will be activated soon.

The team has been designed around power in the middle of the order, and surrounding them with strong defenders, with speed and athleticism.


About finding a roster that works well together.  Jerry mentioned they still haven’t used all their roster.  He spoke of the differences in managers in the info age.  Could they use old methods in the current game?

Question about the catcher position and lack of production.  They find production in other areas/positions to counter this, and look at the catcher for defense, etc.  Mike Zunino in particular.  He is expected to be about a 225 hitter, but is valued for his defense.

Power in the outfield?  Average hitter hits 250.  How do you teach hitting?  In most cases, players are not responsive until they hit rock bottom and feel they need help.  Changing mechanics in the Major Leagues  is difficult.  Most productive is working on players’ mindset.

Jerry talked about how great players like Felix adjust to aging.  Justin Verlander’s rebuilding was used as an example, as was Jamie Moyer’s.

Jerry was asked to explain ERA.


Club Business

Judge Jenny appeared.  Jim Zidar, Curtis Cummings, John DeWater and Tim Leahy were grilled by Judge Jenny.  Excuses were made for the absence of one Chris Ballard.  They were accused of enabling this nefarious activity.  Amy joined as officer of the court.  A bench warrant was issued to bring Mr. Ballard in next Friday.

Kaj Pedersen gave a recap of the 10k race, All in for Autism.  Sponsors and participants were up about 10% over last year.   Volunteers were 105% of goal.  Registrants were about 77% of goal. But revenue per participant was up.  Online donations are trending upward, largely due to Social Media.  More women participated than men.  Runners came from as far as the east coast.  Dick Brown provided the good weather.  Thanks was given to all the sponsors, and further recognition will be sent to each.  The Race Committee was recognized for their efforts.  Each was given a “service above self” medal.

Wendi and Mike did a Mariners trivia contest.  The room was divided in half.  Mariners anagrams were part of the test.  Name that Hair.  Get to know the new Mariners.  Etc.

President’s Thought for the Week:

Tommy Lasorda.  There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens.

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