Friday May 25, 2018

Claudia Balducci

King County Councilmember District 6 KIng County Council

“Juvenile Crime and Justice in King County”

Scribe: Kaj Pedersen Introduced by: Bob Holert

Thanks to Fred Janssen and Jenny Andrews for leading us at the start of the meeting this morning in leading the invocation and introducing our guests.  A special shout out to the young ladies from Mercer Island High School, who joined us this morning, as part of their civics studies, and mingling with the members at the breakfast tables.  Started with an idea from Kate Fischer, who mother is with the club.  Overall, there was a great energy in the room this morning and I suspect it was fed by the amazing weather we have been experiencing over the week leading into Memorial Weekend.

Brian Evison leading the vocational minute this month

Brian Evison took the podium for our vocational minute this week, where he explained his work with purchasing and leasing aircraft to the airline industry.  They do a lot of work with the Boeing company, which has over the last few years allowed his business to significantly grow as other airlines look to acquiring Boeing aircraft to serve their customers.  At the end of the presentation, Brian auctioned off a model Dreamliner 787 to the membership and with the help of Tim Leahy he was able to secure $70 for the RI Foundation – the winning bid went to Chuck Kimbrough.

Chris Boland, our President-Elect, updated the membership on the projections for the All in For Autism 5K/10K event that was held last month.  Chris was able to deliver the very good news that we secured another successful fundraiser for the club – our projection is that the event will raise $135,377

All in for Autism 10K Runners Beginning their Race

in total (the main growth this year was from the number of runners), and with expenses taken out we are projecting a net gain of $74,300, which represent a 5% increase on last year’s event.  Well done to the entire event team for making this all happen.  It is a tremendous amount of work that happens, because of the contributions our club members make toward it.

President Kaj Pedersen reminder members that Rotary is focusing on Youth in the month of May.  This is especially important as our New Generations, an avenue of service within Rotary, plays a critical role in the sustainability of Rotary and this includes our club.  It is important for Rotary to be successful in reaching out to the next generation, enabling them to learn about the magic that comes for Service above Self.  It is on us to tell our story and encourage their involvement with our club.  With this in mind, the members were given a Rotary video presentation to show them the opportunities that are available through New Generations.

Doug Cameron in full highland regalia for RTW

We finished off the program with a fun skit to promote the Rotating the Wheels fellowship event happening on 30th June, 2018.  Carmela Ramaglia introduced Doug Cameron as our Scottish guest, regaled in his kilt and completed with his bagpipes.  Carmela was able to ascertain that virtually everyone in the room had some association with Scotland, whether this was living there, having Scottish heritage, visiting Scotland or enjoying a wee dram – a wonderful opportunity for everyone to register for the Highland Fling.  Doug answered a number of questions about the kilt and its heritage, including the age old

Carmela and Kate Fischer lead our members on the Highland Fling

question of what is under the kilt – socks and shoes of course!

Carmela, with the help of Kate Fischer, previewed the new dance we will all be led at the RTW event.  A Scottish fling, no less!  We will be looking forward to everyone taking the opportunity to secure the discounted price of $35 before the event increases up to $50 in June.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our biggest fellowship event of the Rotary year, where we will welcome in President-Elect Chris Boland and his new board.

Claudia Balducci – King County Council Member

Bob Holert introduced our speaker, and member, Claudia Balducci to address the club on the issue of juvenile crime and justice in King County.  This was delivered in the context of the new court house, juvenile facility and parking garage that is being built to help with improving the experience and process involved with handling the issue of juvenile crime in King county.  A topic that is garnering a lot of interest within the community at the present.

Kaj Pedersen finished the meeting, but thank the guests for coming, and reminding members that there is the District Leadership Training Assembly coming up on 2nd June, 2018.  It is a wonderful opportunity for members who are on the upcoming board, or who are looking for leadership development to attend this half day session.  More details can be found here District 5030 Website If you want to register straight away then you can do so via this Registration Link.  

The meeting was closed with the following quote from Valerie Jarrett, an American Lawyer, who said “Let’s figure out ways of keeping our children out of the juvenile justice system and in the classroom so that they’ll thrive. Because if you’re in the juvenile justice system, the chances of your going into the adult penal system are greatly increased.”




Club Announcements

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Executive Committee

District 5030 - Leadership Training Assembly

The District Leadership Training Assembly is happening next Saturday (2nd June, 2018) and will be held at South Seattle Community College (Georgetown Campus), 6737 Corson Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108.   Check in is at 8:00am and it will end at noon.

This training assembly is the place where every club is encouraged to send their members, especially incoming club officers, new members, and future club leaders who want to know more about a wide range of Rotary topics.  You will learn from Rotarians in our District who will provide their insights and awareness of Rotary’s best practices.

It is a wonderful opportunity for members who are on the upcoming board, or who are looking for leadership development to attend this half day session. More details can be found here District 5030 Website. If you want to register straight away then you can do so via the Registration Link.

Membership: New Member Committee

Welcome to Richard Martin - New BBRC Member

By Kaj Pedersen

Rich Martin with Wendi Fischer from the Membership Committee

We had the honor of inducting a new member – Richard Martin.  Rich has been an active volunteer with Seattle Sounders, the Lamar Neagle Foundation, NuHope Street, America Scores Seattle and the Boys and Girls Club Renton/Skyway. Furthermore, Rich is also involved with the Seattle Executives Association that aligns with our vocational aspirations in Rotary. Rich is also active with pastimes in soccer and golf, so he will fit in well with the club. We look forward to Rich, and his family, becoming active with the BBRC, where is passion for service in the community will very align in our ethos for Service above Self.

Community Svc: Service Projects Committee

Hands-on Service Projects - June Events

By Adam Mihlstin

We have two hands-on community service projects lined up for June.  Please note them for your calendar.  We hope to see a healthy turnout from our members in support of the following events:

  • Saturday, June 2nd @ 10am / Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank – approximately 10 – 12 volunteers to do odd jobs (i.e. pack food, sort clothing, etc.) around the IFCB warehouse.  {The Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank is committed to providing quality food, clothing and other items to its customers. They have a special emphasis on healthy foods and work hard to get fresh, local produce into the homes of its customers.}
  • Saturday, June 16th @10am / Tavon Learning Center – approximately 12 – 15 volunteers to do gardening, landscaping and greenhouse work.  Tavon has a beautiful wooded campus that requires maintenance.  {Tavon Learning Center contributes to the vitality of the greater Seattle communities by providing active learning and community programs that empower adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to acquire home and community skills for living better.}

Please follow up with Adam Mihlstin for any questions related to the two events above.


Student of the Month

Student of the Month - Casey Kuloloia

By Kaj Pedersen

Larry May awarding Casey Kuloloia his plaque for Student of the Month

Casey Kuloloia is our Student of the Month and Eastside Academy’s Student of the Year.  Casey joined Eastside Academy, after he sustained injuries as a high-level athlete that made it difficult for him to continue in a large school environment.  It was clear that Casey was a leader as soon as he joined the Academy.  Other students quickly looked up to him thanks to his positive attitude and compassion for those around him.  He also has a brilliant sense of humor, which he balances with a sincerity that is beyond his years.  Casey is an industrious individual, both in the school, where he has grown academically, and outside where he holds down jobs to support himself.  Yet, it is Casey’s love for his family (who were with him this morning) that is combined with a tremendous respect for them that stands out to those who know him.  Casey’s plans for the future will be to pursue a career in real estate and music, which we wish him future success in.