A Project of District 7020 and many US clubs

The BBRC is proud to be one of the clubs that is supporting this transformational water project in Haiti.

About Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and possibly the world. This part of Haiti is one of the driest. Clean war is the key to many things, health good commerce, education and survival for many of these people who live on $2.00 per day. By providing this water we can change this part of Haiti forever, giving the people there a new life, new health, new opportunities, new education for their kids and a chance for the life that we would want everyone to have.

About the Project

This grant will provide safe drinking water and sanitation training for the people in Haiti in the Moustiques region of NW

The project covers a region of Northwest Haiti that is generally known as the Upper Moustique. There is a town of Upper Moustique but the project covers about 15 villages along the river that runs through the region. The regions only water source is the River Moustique. This starts at the same place as our project. The river is very polluted and drinking from it leads to lots of illness including Cholera. Our contractor in Haiti has capped the spring which is the rivers source and diverted about 25% into a coved pipe system. Thus this piped water is not polluted. The project is to run about 10 mile of pipe down to about 14 villages each of which will be provided with a fountain from which to draw the fresh water.

Why is this needed?

This project will take water from a newly capped spring by gravity to 14 villages downstream from the source.  These people now drink from a polluted river where cholera is present. The previous water systems developed by our NGO have shown dramatic decreases in cholera and economic improvements when fresh water is available.

Who will benefit?

The beneficiaries will be the roughly 4,600 residents of this region who have only the polluted river as their source of water. They also lack sanitation training which will also be supplied.

When Will it Happen?

We started raising funds about 2 years ago. Got RI approval in December 2014 and ordered the first pipe about a 2months later. We should be finished with the this first phase about February of 2016

How Much Will It Cost?

This is the first of two projects to cover all the people who need water in the region. This first project budget is $187,000, a combination of purchased pipe, labor to install it, training in sanitation and system maintenance, reforestation of the area to insure good water flow etc.


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