The annual BBRC Dine Around is an opportunity to gather in small social setting and enjoy a potluck dinner in a Rotarian home.  It is a fun event and presents the opportunity to meet Rotarians in a smaller group than the usual fellowship events.

Sign up together with a spouse/guest, check if you’d like to attend on Saturday, February 9th or Sunday, February 10th, and indicate if you would be willing to be a host.  If you would like to also host please note how many guests (up to 8) you could accommodate.

The week before the event the hosts will be notified who will be coming to their house as guests.  The host will then contact their guests and let them know what they can bring to contribute to the dinner; appetizers, desserts, salads, beverages, etc.

Please log in using your DaCDb credentials to sign up for Dine Around