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10 Jan 2017

The BBRC Judges DECA

by Paul Osborn

While the rest of the BBRC slept in last Friday, Bob Holert, John Schwager, Adam Mihlstin and Paul Osborn went to the Maydenbauer Center to judge the Area 4 DECA competition.

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Project Description

The Area 4 DECA competition were held at the Mayenbauer Center.  Jeff Bright, the Sammamish HS Councillor asked Bob if the BBRC could help out and judge.  Bob, Adam, John and I responded to the call.

We were judging individual presentations in Marketing and Finance.  In my competition, the students were sales reps for a drone company, and I was a local real-estate company looking to buy drones for aerial photos.  Unlike in the State competition, there was actually lots of time to talk to the students about their presentations afterwards, which I think is always rewarding (and hopefully the students get something out of it too!).

Highlights included:

  • One student had prepared an extremely professional 3-panel flyer and price comparison sheet – so professional I had to (sheepishly) ask if they had done it themselves, or if it was a commercial product!
  • One was offering a free ‘mini’ drone (which he had there – it fit into your hand) with every purchase – what a great gimmick’
  • One was offering a full-package subscription service with their drones – including the option to allow home-buyers to fly the drone around the house remotely (thus avoiding a need to visit the house in person!

As always I was impressed with the overall organization of the event, though the coffee and muffins were hidden away in a corner behind a black curtain, so there was a bit of an initial panic until we found that!