The Area 4 DECA competition were held at the Mayenbauer Center.  Jeff Bright, the Sammamish HS Councillor asked Bob if the BBRC could help out and judge.  Bob, Adam, John and I responded to the call.

We were judging individual presentations in Marketing and Finance.  In my competition, the students were sales reps for a drone company, and I was a local real-estate company looking to buy drones for aerial photos.  Unlike in the State competition, there was actually lots of time to talk to the students about their presentations afterwards, which I think is always rewarding (and hopefully the students get something out of it too!).

Highlights included:

  • One student had prepared an extremely professional 3-panel flyer and price comparison sheet - so professional I had to (sheepishly) ask if they had done it themselves, or if it was a commercial product!
  • One was offering a free 'mini' drone (which he had there - it fit into your hand) with every purchase - what a great gimmick'
  • One was offering a full-package subscription service with their drones - including the option to allow home-buyers to fly the drone around the house remotely (thus avoiding a need to visit the house in person!

As always I was impressed with the overall organization of the event, though the coffee and muffins were hidden away in a corner behind a black curtain, so there was a bit of an initial panic until we found that!