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18 Oct 2018

SAA Shenanigans Afoot!

Reply to Carmela Ramaglia


What was YOUR favorite Halloween Costume as a kid??
Email Carmela to help create SAA fun!!
Better still, send a picture!! 🙂

3 Aug 2018

"BOO"s Cost $20!!

by Carmela Ramaglia


There’s a New Sergeant in Town!! For any of you who missed the meetings on July 13th or August 3rd, this is YOUR FAIR WARNING! Oooooohs and Woooooos are welcome and encouraged. But Boo’s will cost you $20!

3 Mar 2018

March is Rotary Literacy Month

by Kaj Pedersen

Cleatus in full form at our meeting this morning

We placed emphasis on March being the month that Rotary celebrates literacy across our global society.  Our members were presented with a video that demonstrates the value of literacy in all things that we do, but coupled with a heartfelt story of its impact within a family.

Then we had our own Cleatus make an appearance to let us know that he is going to be selecting his college for continuing his own personal education.  Needless to say that there was a twist.  Cleatus successful secured support for going to Oregon, after all the other graduates from other colleges placed dollars to not have him attend their alma alter!

The SAA would be proud of the money raised and the way that the importance of literacy message was made clear today.

16 Aug 2017

SAA team sync up at 3rd Thursday

by Curtis Cummings

If your on the SAA committee or want to participate in upcoming club/meeting hyjinks, come to Paddy’s this Thursday (or in Irish – it’s the tird tursday of da munt) and we’ll think up the next round of fun. 🙂

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