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25 Jan 2019

All in for Autism Event Launch - Katherine De Stephano Recognized

by Kaj Pedersen

Official Launch Event for Ai4A 5K/10K Family Walk/Run

The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club is pleased to announce Katherine De Stephano, owner of Escape Outdoors, as the recipient of the 2019 All in for Autism Leadership Award presented by Claudia Balducci, King County Council member. The All in for Autism Leadership Award is presented in recognition of Katherine De Stephano’s outstanding contribution to the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary club’s efforts to support Autism organizations and other programs that benefit the local Bellevue community.

The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC) organizes the All in for Autism 5K/10K Run/Walk in Bellevue in April each year.  Now in its 13th year, this event has become Bellevue’s premier running event that caters to enthusiasts and families alike and has successfully attracted over 2,500 people. The event raises over $125,000 each year, thanks to the sponsorship and long term support from local organizations such as Escape Outdoors, The Bellevue Collection, Starbucks, Amazon and the City of Bellevue. Funds raised from this event supports Autism and other Rotary programs and organizations that benefit children and families in the Bellevue community and internationally. Kindering will continue to be the primary beneficiary of this year’s event.

Katherine De Stephano continues to be a long-term champion of the BBRC. She has been generous

Claudia Balducci recognizes Katherine De Stephano for her leadership with Autism

both with her time and financial commitment to support the causes and programs of the BBRC. Katherine De Stephano and Escape Outdoors, a boutique with 4 stores in the Pacific Northwest and tenant of The Bellevue Collection, has sponsored over $35,000 for this event over the years. In the early years of the All in for Autism event, Katherine played a key role to grow the event with her leadership, and brought the community of businesses and residents together to make the event a premier running and family friendly event in Bellevue and raise awareness for Autism and other programs of the BBRC.

“We are grateful for Katherine De Stephano’s leadership, commitment and support of All in for Autism and BBRC over the years. On behalf of the BBRC and the beneficiaries of the All in for Autism event, we thank Katherine for her continued support, enabling BBRC with our mission to help disadvantaged children and their families lead happier, healthier and more productive lives” said Chris Boland, President of the BBRC. “We are proud of our association and long-term partnership with Katherine who shares the BBRC’s vision to serve our local and world communities, providing systemic and enduring change.”

“I am delighted to present the All in for Autism Leadership Award on behalf of the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club to Katherine. Katherine and Escape Outdoors personify our deeply rooted ties to the Bellevue community, particularly through her partnership with the BBRC to give back and enhance the vitality of our ties to the local community to prosper together,” said Claudia Balducci, King County Council member.

21 Apr 2018

We need Volunteers!

by Kaj Pedersen

Dustin Walling made an urgent request related to our All in for Autism run next Sunday, 4/29.

We are 90 volunteers short of what we need and the police department will not let us hold the event unless this gap is filled.  We are contacting nearby Rotaries and other organizations to get the call to action out within our respective networks in the community.

The help is needed from 6:15AM to 9:45AM in Bellevue Downtown Park.  For more information and to sign up, register via the yellow button with this message – be sure to put our club name as the “Volunteer Organization” when you sign up.


30 Mar 2018

Start Spreading the News

by Ann Norman

Chris Boland and Wendi Fischer Getting the Word Out for All in for Autism!

Chris Boland gave us a pep talk about getting the word out for runner registrations.  Rack cards and posters are here for the taking. Wendi Fischer had signup sheets for suggested places to take the rack cards and posters.  She also solicited verbal signups which Chris duly noted.

12 Mar 2018

Striding into spring with the ‘All in for Autism’

by Kaj Pedersen

All in for Autism 10K Runners Beginning their Race

The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC) with their partners Kindering, and Special Olympics, are encouraging everyone to seek healthy lifestyles by signing up for the All in for Autism 5K/10K Run/Walk on the April 29.  Click on the yellow button to read the Bellevue Reporter article!

5 Mar 2018

I'd like to teach the world to ...

by Ann Norman

Our time and our talents lead us to do great deeds in the world.  Our fundraising money helps to add the fuel for those deeds.  Our run is the major fundraiser at BBRC.  Our fundraising comes first from sponsors who so generously contribute to our club. and that is where you come in.

So let’s think of additional sponsors over the next week and get those names over to John Martinka and Mike Ralph.  They will do the arm-twisting to get those sponsors on board.

And let’s add power to our efforts to help the world to sing, laugh, live, love and flourish.

3 Mar 2018

All in for Autism - Call to Action for Sponsors

by Kaj Pedersen

Ann Norman and Wendi Fischer call for sponsors

Ann Norman and Wendi Fischer put out a call to action for our Rotary members to help make introductions to sponsors who would like to partner with us on our All in for Autism 5K/10K Family  Walk/Run happening on 29th April.

How can you help?  Make your introductions to the sponsor committee ( John Martinka/ Mike Ralph) and they will be able to follow up with your sponsors and discuss the benefits of partnering with the BBRC for our major fund raiser.

10 Feb 2018

Rallying our Members for the All in for Autism Event

by Kaj Pedersen

Chris Boland calls out to members for their support in our fund raiser

Chris Boland – this years All in for Autism 5K/10K Family Walk/Race Director gave the Rotary members an update on the club’s fund raiser. He put out a call for volunteers and promotion for the event from members.  We want every member to reach out to their networks to help us secure runners, sponsors and volunteers.

Without this event, we cannot do the amazing work that we do with our local community thanks to the funds we raise from our All in for Autism event.  Click on the yellow button to learn more.

6 Feb 2018

I'd walk a mile for a ....

by Ann Norman

Major Fun April 29, 2018

Anyone should be able to walk a mile.  Anyone should be able to walk 3 miles.  In the spirit of getting fit, i encourage you to get out and walk.  and while you are at it, we invite you and your friends to sign up for our All in for Autism 5K Walk/Run, 10K Run and Kids Dash on Sunday April 29, 2018.  See you there!

10 Apr 2017

All in for Autism preps race to help families dealing with autism

Reply to Kaj Pedersen

Learn about Nicole and Jack Gooldy’s uplifting story in living with Autism and the support they gain from Kindering.  Then there is the life-changing experience that Kirby Winfield went through with his daughter Kate, who has down syndrome and autism.  The Bellevue Reporter article has delivered a wonderful story of the lives that we can impact through our work with the All in for Autism event (www.allinforautism.org), which the BBRC organizes each year.


4 Apr 2017

“Mr. Sounder” Zach Scott and Emmy-winner Dennis Bounds Lend Support to “All in for Autism” Benefit; Everyone, Including Kids and Dogs, is Invited to April 23rd 5K/10K/Run-Walk Event in Bellevue

Reply to Kaj Pedersen

Bellevue, WA. – April 4th, 2017 – The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC, www.bbrc.net) announced that its time for everyone to get information and register for the 11th annual 5K/10K/Run-Walk and Kids’ Dash, “All in for Autism,” which takes place on Sunday, April 23rd in downtown Bellevue.  Everyone, including families, kids and dogs, is encouraged to join the fun with “Mr. Sounder” Zach Scott, Dennis Bounds and friends at this Autism fundraiser which benefits Kindering, Special Olympics Washington and other local charities. Details and registration are available online now at www.AllinforAutism.org.


Zach Scott, who recently spoke on his experiences in Soccer and with the Seattle Sounders, the 2016 MLS Championship team, at a recent BBRC at the Glendale Club in Bellevue, has agreed to be the Race Starter for the event.  Scott said, “It’s exciting to be the Race Starter for the All in for Autism Run/Walk and Kids’ Dash on April 23rd. This annual community event which is locally organized by Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club helps anyone whose life has been touched by Autism to come together and join the fun while raising needed Autism awareness and resources.”


This April 23rd All in for Autism event  will be the second time that Dennis Bounds, the former Emmy-winning news anchor from KING5, has teamed with the BBRC and Kindering to serve as the Race’s master of ceremonies.  Bounds is lending his voice to highlight the many contributions from the runners, walkers, sponsors and Autism partners during the All in for Autism 5K/10K Run/Walk and Kids’ Dash in downtown Bellevue.


We are pleased that many local companies have stepped in to support the All in for Autism family run/walk and these include: Bellevue Collections, Escape Outdoors, Starbucks, Amazon, Overlake Medical Center, OfferUp, the City of Bellevue, Advanced Renal Tech, GLY, Parallels and others.  Katherine DeStephano, of Escape Outdoors, said “we are very pleased to be supporting the All in for Autism5K/10K Run/Walk on its eleventh anniversary, particularly as it helps encourage a healthy lifestyle and supports the important work of Kindering, Special Olympics Washington, as well as other local charities.”


Kaj Pedersen, President-Elect of BBRC and All in for Autism Chairman said, “Our April 23rd All in for Autism event in Bellevue is prepared to welcome everyone to participate in this year’s festivities, which are expected to set record number of participants of all ages. We encourage everyone to join us for some healthy activity and to help raise awareness and resources for Autism. And everyone who is not able to attend, it’s easy to help by making a tax-deductible donation online at www.AllinforAutism.org.”


The BBRC membership is dedicated to “service above self” and we derive much toward this goal through the contributions of our dynamic membership and local businesses.  The club welcomes all interested parties who want to participate, volunteer or donate money to the event to contact us directly via our web: www.AllinforAutism.org.

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New Announcement




Organizes corporate sponsorship campaign for the Run. Coordinates with golf tournament corporate sponsorship committee for co-sponsorship opportunities.


Coordinates and interfaces with City of Bellevue staff and officials to obtain permits and permissions for all activities related to the Bellevue Run. Ensures that all city requirements relating to the event are met.


Responsible to design run/walk route.? Organizes logistics and security and plans signage as it relates to actual run/walk.? Recruits volunteers for event day logistic needs.


Responsible for online and mail in, hand in and day of event registration, reports preregistration data to club members and Run committee chair.


The committee is responsible to prepare the event budget and manage cash receipts and disbursements as well as periodic and final financial reports for Run committee, fundraising chair and club treasurer.


Responsible for promotion of Runs including design, printing and distribution of brochures, signs and other collateral material prior to the event. Seeks opportunities for news stories in the media and social sites to promote the event


Responsible to obtain and distribute all materials distributed to participants and volunteers at the event.


Plans and recruits people and organizations to provide pre-race and post activities at the race/walk venue.


Secures off street parking and other transportation options for event volunteers and participants. Provides day of event signage and volunteers as it relates to orderly and convenient parking and transportation for event volunteers and participants.


Recruits companies and organizations to participate in pre race/walk health fair.


Organizes and implements campaign to promote race/walk registrations and participation within the Club and in the community.


Responsible for medical and aid stations at event including obtaining needed supplies and manpower.



More Updates

All in for Autism: 2017 Wr...

The wrap up for the All in for Autism event that was held on 23rd April, 2017. We had a successful event that led to us raising over $135K from our sponsors and participants. After expenses these funds will be will be disbursed to our partners: Kindering and Special Olympics Washington, plus Rotary projects that benefit children and families locally and internationally.

All in for Autism Run: Wee...

We are in the home straight. The hard work accomplished by the team over the last few months is now coming to fruition with momentum starting to show in registrations. We secured the front page of the Bellevue Reporter print edition, which went out to 35K households this Friday. The weather is improving and our social media outreach remains active. Now we finish the remaining tasks to ensure a great race day on the 23rd April.


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All in for Autism 5K/10K Run/Walk – April 23rd, 2017

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23 April 2017
24 April 2017

The All In For Autism 10K & 5K Run/Walk is a family event brought to you by the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC) to raise awareness for Autism and other related disorders. The All In for Autism event is put on to show support…

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