Tuesday, June 24th 2008

PROGRAM: "With the Price of Oil Going Out of Sight, Have You Considered an Electric Vehicle?" Jim Johnson, President and Founder, MC Electric Vehicles | Opener | Special Father’s Day Meeting Nets ROTM: Lynne Gauthier | BBRC’s Newest Member: Mark Mason | Grant Checks Presented | Friday Potpourri | BBRC Annual Golf Classic | Web Fun

Tuesday, June 10th 2008

PROGRAM: Panel Discussion: Ethics | Preliminaries | BBRC’s Newest Member: Pam Fehrman | Major Grants Recipients | BBRC Annual Golf Classic | Online RSVP for Rotating the Wheels, June 27 | Official Opening of the Bellevue Water Spray Playground | New Member Proposed: Mark Mason | Web Fun

Tuesday, June 3rd 2008

PROGRAM: "The Journey from Australia to KOMO Seattle Traffic Reporter," Jenni Hogan, KOMO TV Traffic | Opening Bell | Student of The Month: Ricardo Guimaraes, Eastside Academy | Blue Badge for Diane Gamache | BBRC Annual Golf Tournament | Scholarship Presentations | RI Foundation | Surprise on June 13! | Online RSVP for Rotating the Wheels, June 27 | Water Spray Park Grand Opening, June 7 | New Member Proposed: Pam Fehrman&nb