Monday, April 24th 2006

PROGRAM: New Medical Technology Maximizes Radiation Therapy (Eric Meier & Lynn Purdy) | Friday Potpourri | Student of the Month: Stephanie Gustafson | Golf Committee Meets | Important Calendar Dates for the BBRC | Grant Helps Hospital in Honduras | Ballard Raises SAA Ante | Russian Intern Arrives in Mid-July | Board of Directors April Recap | Web Fun 

Monday, April 10th 2006

PROGRAM: Reforming Elections for the Preservation of Liberty (Bob Williams) | Friday Potpourri | Classification Talk: Roger Allington | Cinco de Mayo Heads-Up | Retreat Recap | Rotary First Harvest Work Party | Membership for Young Members | Another Classification Talk: Tim Leahy | District Conference Update | Web Fun

Monday, April 3rd 2006

PROGRAM: Operation Deep Freeze With the Polar Sea (Captain Richard A. "Mac" McCullough) | Friday Potpourri | A Mini-Assembly With International Service | Sammamish High Auction Coming | Kuechle Promotes Leadership Eastside | Corr Pearce Inducted | District Conference Update | Retreat