Monday, March 27th 2006

PROGRAM: Journey to Ethiopia (Jenny Andrews) | Friday Potpourri | Sergio Reports | City of Earth Day | EADS Auction | Kremen Comes Aboard | Adventure to the Summit | Classification Talk: Steve Szirmai | District Conference Update | Web Fun

Monday, March 20th 2006

PROGRAM: Ready to Read, an Ambitious Life-Changing Program at Your Library (Bill Ptacek) | Friday Potpourri | Retreat Update | Evidence of a Good Time | Student of the Month: Brandon Teng | A New Membership Policy | SAA Gets in the Act | New Member Proposed (2nd Publication): William Pearce | District Conference Update | Web Fun

Monday, March 13th 2006

PROGRAM: The Rarified Air of the Wind Mountains of Wyoming : a Climber’s Paradise (Cary Kopczynski & Alex Rule)  | Friday Potpourri | Student of the Month: Philip Lam | Rotarian of the Month: David Bolson | The March New Member Mixer | Classification Talk: Steve Vincent | Golf Outing Coming | Note to All BBRC Duffers | To Tell the Truth | Did You Know that March 22 is World Water Day? | RFH Work Day Big Turnout! | Speaker List

Monday, March 6th 2006

PROGRAM: A Look at Whitman College (Dr. George Bridges) | Friday Potpourri | Retreat on the Horizon | District Conference Ahead | Sunshine & Blossom Team Up | Three Members Inducted: Howell, Meyer, Everist | Ernie on the Mend | Lingenbrink a Major Donor | Web Fun