Monday, October 31st 2005

PROGRAM: Microsoft’s Community-Based Programs (Pamela Pressman) | Raffle Collection Wraps Up THIS WEEK | Student of the Month: Catherine Osorio-Barrios | Membership Swells by Three (Leahy, Vincent, Allington) | BBRC: 20 Years | Sergeant Raises More Dough | Friday Potpourri | November is Foundation Month | The Journey of a Lifetime: Reports from Africa with Margie Burnett | Report From Norm | Web Fun

Monday, October 24th 2005

PROGRAM: A Report from the Front  the 22nd STS, McChord AFB (LTCOL Mike Sneeder) | Margie Wings Her Way to Africa | Fellowship | October Student of the Month: Brice Budke | Classification Talk: Zul Alibhai | Sergeant At Arms Amok | Tim Leahy Proposed for Membership | Raffle Update | Foundation Report | Friday Potpourri | Web Fun

Monday, October 17th 2005

PROGRAM: Chemistry Big Part of Seahawks Success (Lance Lopes) | The Word from Jimmy Z, the Raffle Zar | Anniversary Dinner Coming | Halloween Party Coming | About Face on SAA | Reminder: Off-Site Meeting October 28 | First Harvest Update | Two Prospective Members Approved by Board: Roger Allington & Steve Vincent (2nd Posting) | Tim Leahy Proposed for Membership | Raffle Update | Monthly Board Actions | Friday Potpourri 

Monday, October 10th 2005

PROGRAM: New Technology for Document Storage & Retrieval (Jamie Quinn) | News From Norm | Classification Talk: Greg Hendershott | Anniversary Dinner Promo | So, Where Does Your Money Go? | Ballard Locks in More Dough | RI Foundation Recognition | Rotary First Harvest A Busy Place | To Tell the Truth | Web Fun

Monday, October 3rd 2005

PROGRAM: Identity Theft ? Protecting your Good Name (Ernie Hayden) | The Recovery Road | Teel Newest BBRC Member | Sergeant At Arms Reaches New Heights | Correction on Retreat Planning Date | Raffle Update | Friday Potpourri | District GSE News | From Out of the Reveille Archives: Tableau at Twilight by Ogden Nash | Web Fun