Monday, August 29th 2005

PROGRAM: Bellevue Schools Report (Mike Riley) | Call to Order | Membership | Rotarian of the Month: Jane Kuechle | Foundation Moment | Raffle Revisited | BBRC Foundation Gives Again | New Member Proposed: Stephan L. Szirmai | Ballard Banks Bucks

Monday, August 22nd 2005

PROGRAM: UW Crew Program (Bob Ernst) | School Supplies Drive | Bikes & Hikes | Rotary Foundation Update | Raffle Update | Foundation Presents Grant to Residence East | New Member Proposed: Stephan L. Szirmai | A Rotary Summer in Sweden

Monday, August 1st 2005

PROGRAM: A League of Their Own (Raffle Kick-Off) | Sayoko Kuwahara is ROTM | "Adopted" Highway Clean-Up | First New Member Mixer | Calling All Great Golfers & Putters | Stewart Martin, Raffle Rotarian | Infirmary Tales | Former Bellevue Area Exchange Student Checks In