Monday, March 28th 2005

PROGRAM: A Return to the Village of Xeucalvitz (Steve & Sara Lingenbrink) | District Conference Seeks Attendees | We Get Emails | We Get Thanks | Announcements | Scholarship Recipient Gives Update | Classification Talk: Rodd Kippen

Monday, March 21st 2005

PROGRAM: A Vote for Wellness (LisaSchmidt) | Owens Gets Big Award | We Get Letters | Brown Reclassifies | Retreat Questionnaire | New Member Proposed: Kelly Nolan | Student of the Month: Julie Gockel | The View From The Window

Monday, March 14th 2005

PROGRAM: Computer Forensics and Investigations (Frank Enfinger) | Rock Bottom BBRC Fellowship St. Patrick’s Day! | Retreat Update | Rotary Foundation Recognition | Supporting Agros | New Member Proposed: Kelly Nolan | Student of the Month: Kayla Brown | Corporate Sponsors Being Rounded Up 

Monday, March 7th 2005

PROGRAM: Goodwill Industries, Recycling and Building New Lives for 80 Years | Next Social Is On St. Patrick’s Day! | The Retreat is Coming! | The Chandler Report | Rotary Minute | Mercer Island Rotary Goes On the Run | Why the Retreat? | Classification Talk: Jim Allen | Membership Grows by One (117): LeeAnn Wood