Monday, April 26th 2004

PROGRAM: Economic Development Program Helps Communities | Paul Harris Fellow: Tom Helbling | Rotary Minute: Kim Shrader | Friday Potopourri | Aragon Inducted in Impressive Ceremony | New Member Application Accepted: Curt Cummings | PPE ReLeaf on the Sammamish Slough | Steve Goodier: The Way You Say | Web Fun

Monday, April 19th 2004

PROGRAM: The Brightwater Education Project | Pain & Suffering | The BBRC Acronyms | Friday Potpourri | Deasy is a Ruby | New Member Application Accepted: Curt Cummings | Classification Talk: Chip Erickson | District Leadership Assembly | In Retrospect | Steve Goodier: Humor Makes a Serious Difference | Web Fun

Monday, April 12th 2004

PROGRAM: Great Secrets of Leadership (Bob Trask) | Eastside YMCA Forum Scheduled | PPE Reminder | La Mancha Fellowship | Friday Potpourri | Student of the Month: Andrew Ragan | District Centennial Project | Community Service Conducts Mini-Assembly | New Member Applications Approved: Carol Gibson & Carlos Aragon | Steve Goodier: Stoop & Drink | Web Fun