Monday, October 27th 2003

PROGRAM: The Mission of the Coast Guard in Homeland Security | Preserve Planet Earth Sets Sammamish ReLeaf | Re-Cell Project | Kindering Center & Hopelink Functions | Friday Potpourri | Rotarian of the Month: Kevin Jewell | New Members Proposed: Erickson & Walker | Classification Talk: David Bolson | Raffle Ends Friday | Sergeant Ballard | University/BBRC Bowling Bash | Web Fun

Monday, October 20th 2003

PROGRAM: CPR and AED in Action | Bowl-N-Suds! | Preserve Planet Earth Sets Sammamish ReLeaf | The Rotary Minute (Cary Kopczynski) | GSE Team Selected | Friday Potpourri | Sergeant Mary | Student of the Month: Derek Chan | The Raffle Wraps Up | Steve Goodier: What Would You Die For? | Web Fun

Monday, October 13th 2003

PROGRAM: Seahawks Round-Up | A Bowling We Will Go | Preserve Planet Earth Sets Sammamish ReLeaf | Friday Potpourri | Student of the Month: Jason Steblay | Sergeant Mary | Raffle Update | October First Harvest Work Party | Steve Goodier: A Few Good Followers | Web Fun

Monday, October 6th 2003

PROGRAM: Overcoming Prejudice (Reverend Barry Keating) | Rotary First Harvest’s Apples | Fellowship Committee (Bowling) | Friday Potpourri | Rotarian of the Month: Rick McManus | The Bums Return | Raffle Update | October is Rotary Vocational Service Month | Steve Goodier: Make a Diffference | Web Fun