Monday, April 21st 2003

PROGRAM: The Energy Industry (Steve Reynolds, President & CEO, Puget Sound Energy) | 5030 Rotarians Gather in Victoria | Peter (Ulvksjold) Brings a Wife | Eyeglass Project A Winner | Friday Potpourri | Retreat Breakout Session Summary | Community Service in the Spotlight | BBRC Sets Giving Record | Student of the Month Kate Massingill | Tribute to Dick Brown | Teen Center Gets Grant | Web Fun

Monday, April 14th 2003

PROGRAM: Decision Making – Ethics Within Business (Dr. John Dienhart, Frank Shrontz Chair for Business Ethics at Seattle University) | Eyeglasses Wrapped in a $5.00 | Biking to Victoria | Friday Potpourri | Brown to Close Down Albert Ltd. | Retreat Breakout Session Summary | Fellowship Calendar | Golf on Tap | Steve Goodier | Web Fun

Monday, April 7th 2003

PROGRAM: Rourke Does Ireland | Eyeglasses Wrapped in a $5.00 Bill | Biking to Victoria | Friday Potpourri | Annual Planning Retreat Is History | Secretary Does His Duty | Student of the Month Courtney Buccola | Classification Talk Tom Purdy | New Member Inducted Nick Paget | Steve Goodier | Web Fun