Monday, March 31st 2003

PROGRAM: Dale Hemphill Update | Wheelchairs for Vietnam (Joe Gaskins) | Biking to Victoria | International Committee in Action | Friday Potpourri | Retreat is HERE! | New Member Proposed David Bolson | Club Service II Snapshot | Rotarian of the Month Bob Moloney | Self Treatment for Heart Attacka | Web Gem

Monday, March 24th 2003

PROGRAM: Museum of Flight Education Programs (Elissa Lines, Seattle’s Museum of Flight) | New Paul Harris Fellow: Maureen Concannon | Nacho, the Exchange Student | Biking to Victoria | Mercer Island’s Rotary Run Day | Friday Potpourri | We Get Make-Ups! | Used Eye Glasses Wrapped in a $5.00 Bill | Board Approves Paget Application | New Member Proposed David Bolson | Snapshot of Rotary: Vocational Service | GSE Hosting | Web Fun

Monday, March 10th 2003

PROGRAM: Washington Park Arboretum (Fred Isaac, President of the Arboretum Foundation Board of Directors) | District Membership & Foundation Workshop Cancelled | Friday Potpourri | Golf on the Horizon | Dowell Becomes Newest Member | Sergeant At Arms Runs Amok | Advance to the Retreat | Steve Goodier | Web Fun

Monday, March 3rd 2003

PROGRAM: Real Estate Bubble Windermere Index (Dick Conway & Doug Pedersen) | Another Sapphire: Powell | Friday Potpourri | Student of the Month Craig Hermiller | Polio Eradication: Bellevue Square | BBRC Retreat | Faulkner Joins BBRC | Martinka Strikes Again | Crystal Mountain Ski Trip | Web Fun