Monday, October 29th 2001

PROGRAM: Ups & Downs in the Software Industry (Dan Vetras, President & CEO of Captura) | Raffle Winds Up this Week | Reminders! Anniversary Dinner November 16 | PPE Project | Friday Potpourri | New Member Application: Hague  | Classification Talk: Robin Anderson | Choices Program Update | New Member Inducted: Suzanne Goff  | Recuperator’s Book Nook | Attendance Report | Web Fun

Monday, October 22nd 2001

PROGRAM: Nutrition in Our Changing World (Beve Kindblade, MS, RD, CD & Assistant Professor of Nutrition at Bastyr Center for Natural Health) | Fellowship With Margie | Anniversary Dinner on November 16 | World Community Service | PPE Project | Friday Potpourri | New Member Applications: Hague, Goff | Raffle Update | Board Action | Mahoney Recuperates; Email Only Weapon | Homeless Youth Teen Feed | Rotary First Harvest | Web Fun

Monday, October 15th 2001

PROGRAM: Collectibles in the 21st Century (Debbie Mallory, The Sophisticated Swine) | Raffle Update | Classification Talk: Bill Schultheis | New Member Proposed | Earl Falk Cops RFH Award | Matching | Grant Complete in Rio | Student of the Month | Friday Potpourri | Web Fun

Monday, October 8th 2001

PROGRAM: SuperSonics Gear Up for New Year (Wally Walker, CEO & President of the Seattle Supersonics) | New Member Joins: Robin Anderson | Outreach to Homeless Youth | Banks Cashes in BBRC Chips
Lake Heights YMCA Gets Grant | More Rotary Foundation Activity | Friday Potpourri | Web Fun

Monday, October 1st 2001

PROGRAM: Cancer: Are We Winning the War? (Dr. Albert B. Einstein, Jr.) | Past Presidents’ Skit: Who Want’s to Be a Millionaire? | Cure Autism Now | Friday Potpourri | Services Held For Gail Callan | Lou Webb Returns | Sammamish $3,000 Richer | YES on Medic One | Web Fun