Monday, December 3rd 2001

PROGRAM: The Maestro Returns (Fujao Kajima) | Friday Potpourri | Passages | New Member Inducted: Sayoko Powell | Rotarian of the Month: Mary Bell | Student of the Month | Raffle Wrap-Up | Record Your Vote | The Sacrifice Play | Web Fun

Monday, November 26th 2001

PROGRAM: The Heartwarming Story of Delta Flight 15 | Search Engine on the BBRC Website | New Member Proposed: Sayoko S. Powell | District Rotary Foundation Report | US Rotary Club Members Join In Massive Effort to Immunize 80 Million Children Against Polio in West Africa | Web Fun

Monday, November 12th 2001

PROGRAM: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Auto Racing (Dominic Dobson, owner of Dobson Motorsports) | Raffle Update | The Presidential Minute | Giving Tree Takes Root | Seattle’s Big Celebration | Friday Potpourri | Rotarian of the Month: Donn Roberts | Thanksgiving Giving Baskets Project Needs Help! | Student of the Month: Sara Scapa | New Member Inducted: Daniel Feussner | Sammamish ReLeaf | Patriotism | Web Fun

Monday, November 5th 2001

PROGRAM: Transportation: Purgatory or Hell? (Bob Watt, President & CEO of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce) | BBRC Giving Baskets –THIS WEEKEND ONLY! | Anniversary Dinner | Annual Dig at Sammamish River | Seattle’s Big Celebration | Raffle Hits $101,287 | Friday Potpourri | New Member Inducted: John Hague | Student of the Month: Curtis Abbott | New Member Application: Daniel Feussner | Slate Approved For Nominees |

Monday, October 29th 2001

PROGRAM: Ups & Downs in the Software Industry (Dan Vetras, President & CEO of Captura) | Raffle Winds Up this Week | Reminders! Anniversary Dinner November 16 | PPE Project | Friday Potpourri | New Member Application: Hague  | Classification Talk: Robin Anderson | Choices Program Update | New Member Inducted: Suzanne Goff  | Recuperator’s Book Nook | Attendance Report | Web Fun