Monday, December 18th 2000

PROGRAM: Annual Christmas Party | Holiday Greeting From RI President Frank Devlyn | What John Mix Wants For Christmas | Ta For Tea? Or Thai? | RYLA Conference Coming | Rotary World Peace Scholarship | Young Adults At EADS | Tips For The Season | A Holiday Toast

Monday, December 11th 2000

PROGRAM: Forest & Fish – A Remarkable Achievement (Bill Wilkerson, Executive Director of the Washington Forest Protection Association) | Board Pix Mix | Students Of The Month | New Member Inducted: Carlene Buty | Rotarians Of The Month: Russy Graterol & Will Sirokman | Friday Potpourri | Update on Rotary & BBRC Foundations | Web Fun

Monday, December 4th 2000

PROGRAM: Untangling The Traffic Mess | New Paul Harris Fellow: Edberg & Clarke | Raffle Recount Continues | Rotary Minute vs. Judge Jenny | Board Pix Mix | Foundation Report | We Get Letters & Emails | Karnack The Magnificent | Friday Potpourri | Thoughts From The Web

Monday, November 20th 2000

PROGRAM: Anniversary Dinner Pleases Attendees | Portrait of a Raffle Winner: Bevan Richardson | Kincaid Resigns | A Thanksgiving Thought | Guido’s Giving Tree | Where Are They Now? What Are They Doing? | Rotary Love | Steve Roberts Nominated | New Member Proposed: Carlene Buty | The Mahoney Corner

Monday, November 13th 2000

PROGRAM: Bet Your Assets – A Look Ahead At The Financial Markets (Don Gher) | Website Moment (Steve Roberts) | Ambassadorial Scholarships | Raffle Recap | New Officers & Directors Nominated | New Member Proposed: Carlene Buty | BBRCWCSC Plans Trip to Mexico | Students of the Month | The Rotary Strollers – A Glance at the Past | Friday Potpourri | Web Fun

Monday, November 6th 2000

PROGRAM: Judicial System Needs Reform (Retiring Supreme Court Justice Phil Talmadge) |Raffle Wind-Up | Rotary Minute | Retraction & Illumination | Classification Talk: Donn Roberts | Final Day for Thanksgiving Baskets | Friday’s Visitors | Friday Potpourri | Web Fun

Monday, October 30th 2000

PROGRAM: District Governor’s Annual Visit (District Governor John Nelson) | Dean Pollock Creative (Tie Winner) | New Member Doug Engberg | Raffle Reaches Finish Line | Foundation Contributors Recognized | Sammamish River Gets a Facelift | Bicycles for Mexico | Friday Potpourri | Web Fun

Monday, October 23rd 2000

PROGRAM: Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer – Exercise! (Dr. Anne McTiernan) | Boys & Girls SClub Has a New Van! | A Word From The President [of Rotary First Harvest] | Raffle Update | To Tell The Truth With the Sergeant At Arms | Friday Potpourri | Weekend Rafle Sales Sites | Web Fun