Teacher Training & Wi-Fi

Posted By John Martinka

Wednesday marked the end of the first three-day training session for teachers on how to teach better using technology. I was very impressed with the lady the Ministry hired to facilitate the training. She has a Masters Degree from Columbia University in this exact field, (and I paraphrase) More Effective Teaching Using Technology.

I observed a few hours Wednesday and was quite happy with the lessons some of the teachers presented. They ranged from using PowerPoint, from a technology beginner, to using YouTube and a mind-mapping type software, from teachers more comfortable with technology. We’ll do a de-brief with the facilitator and the Ministry’s representative on Monday and tweak the program for future groups.

Friday I’ll work with Jeff as we plan to set up two schools with Wi-Fi. This should be an interesting project as we wire wireless access points (like a repeater) around the schools. This basically rebroadcasts the Wi-Fi signal from the base router.

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