Friday Jan 18, 2019

Patrick Gordon

Principal ZTF Architects, Seattle

“Waterfront Seattle, Transforming Seattle’s Relationship to Puget Sound”

Introduced by: John Schwager

Patrick Gordon will discuss the major upgrades of infrastructure in the  The City of Seattle.  The projects listed will change and modernize a significant part of the Seattle waterfront and surrounding area. Several projects are presently under construction, each of which is expensive, complex, and much debated.  These big projects include:

  • The Alaskan Way Viaduct,
  • The new waterfront tunnel,
  • The new seawall
  • The replacement of Piers 62/63
  • The Pike Place Market Link
  • The Seattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion
  • The 29 Block Promenade and Connections to Downtown



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Dine Around - February 9-10th, 2019

By Robin Callan

The annual BBRC Dine Around is an opportunity to gather in small social setting and enjoy a potluck dinner in a Rotarian home.  It is a fun event and presents the opportunity to meet Rotarians in a smaller group than the usual fellowship events.

Sign up by clicking on the yellow button at the top of the form.  Get on the list before February 2.  Please note if you will be attending with a spouse/guest, check if you’d like to attend on Saturday, February 9th or Sunday, February 10th.  We have many wonderful hosts so come for the fun!

The week before the event the hosts will be notified who will be coming to their house as guests.  The host will then contact their guests and let them know what they can bring to contribute to the dinner; appetizers, desserts, salads, beverages, etc.

We hope you will all rally around one of the jewels of our Fellowship events at the BBRC!