Friday Jun 15, 2018

Rob Dunlop

President & CEO Cascade Public Media (KCTS Channel 9)

“The Changing Face of Media”

Scribe: Kaj Pedersen Introduced by: John Martinka

Kicked off the meeting with acknowledgement that out good weather did not follow President Kaj Pedersen from Helsinki, but was in fact thanks to Dick Brown who was with us this morning!

Tanya Franzen-Garrett led our invocation this morning and reminded us about Father’s Day and to celebrate the day.  She asked us to have a brief moment of silence as we reflected on those fathers and father-figures who influenced our lives, before leading us into the pledge.

Steve Szirmai introduced our guests this morning, including Parshanth, a visiting Rotarian from India.  We also had a representative from Microsoft, Alon, who was part of the team that supported our volunteer call in the recent Ai4A event.  We very much appreciated the support from the company.

Steven Goldfarb providing a vocational minute

Steve Goldfarb was called up to provide the vocational minute this morning.  He told us about his journey into the Jewelry business, which include anecdotes about his father decision to open up their shop in Bellevue (in 1980), which was considered a bold move at the time.  Steve showed how, as a small businessman, his involvement within the community and across all levels of the business helped shape his perspective and understanding of the impact his business is making in the community.

Andrew Face returns to the BBRC

President Kaj had the wonderful opportunity to welcome back Andrew Face as a member of the BBRC,  after a hiatus.  We issued him his


membership card and new Rotary pin.  At this point, Andrew Face was invited to provide the club with an update of what has been happening during his time away from the club.  Andrew ended his update with a call out tot he club that there is an opening for a bass played on the house band, which he assured us will be coming back to life.  We are thrilled to see him back in our fold.

Jeff Cashman awards Andrew Face with his PHF Award


Before Andrew was allowed to take his seat, Jeff Cashman awarded him with his Paul Harris Fellowship.  An award that we had not been able to provide him before he left the club.  It is always wonderful to see another member become a Paul Harris Fellow at the BBRC and a belated congratulations to Andrew on his achievement.

John Martinka addressed the club next on the work we are doing

John Martinka updates members on the RFH Computers Project

with RFH and implementing computers at their food banks. This is as a result of some spare travel funds available through the Computers for the World, which became free as a result of the Antigua government not providing internet to the schools.   So, John has re-purposed the funds to support a project with a local organization that is well-liked within the BBRC.

Adam Mhilstin updates the club on the Community Service work

Next up was Adam Mhilstin who provided the club with an overview of the Community Service team this Rotary Year.  There list of projects and accomplishments was impressive and it is a testament to the dedication of this committee’s members.  Adam finished off with a call to action for the members to join him with a hands-on project this Saturday at the Tavon Learning Center – we donated $2000 district grant to the group this Rotary year to support their efforts.  President Kaj thanked Adam for his leadership for the Community and Vocational Services committee, which had done tremendous work on behalf of the club.

After last minute announcements, included a shout out for the Highland Fling RTW, on 30th June, reminding members that the price was going up this weekend from $35 to $50.  So do not delay to make sure you lock in a great price for what is going to be a big fellowship event for our Rotary year.

John Martinka then introduced our speaker, Rob Dunlop, who

Rob Dunlop, President & CEO, Cascade Public Media

spoke to our club about the “Changing Face of Media” and it was a well delivered speech on the topic, especially in terms of the changes  for our media over the years as the models of consumption have changed. We certainly appreciated the balanced perspective and insights from Rob.

President Kaj finished the meeting by thanking our guests for attending, and delivered a quote from Winston Churchill, whose observation on media were well know, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Club Announcements

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Membership: New Member Committee

Andrew Face Returns to the BBRC

By Kaj Pedersen

Andrew Face updating us on his return to the BBRC

We are thrilled to announce that after a long hiatus, Andrew Face has reenlisted as a new member with the BBRC.  He will be jumping straight back in with the band, and promises to continue his habit of shouting out from the ranks to help liven up our program.  We also took the opportunity to award Andrew with his Paul Harris Fellowship award that we did not have an opportunity to provide to him before he left the club.  Welcome back Andrew!  Enjoy your journey as you move from red badge to blue badge.

Executive Committee

Rotarian of the Month for June - Chuck Kimbrough

By Kaj Pedersen

Chuck Kimbrough is our June ROTM

Our Rotarian of the Month will be Chuck Kimbrough. Chuck has long been involved with the Adoption Party, since its introduction during Margie Burnett’s Presidency. He has continued to champion this amazing event that brings kids waiting for adoption together in a safe environment, where the potential for meeting their forever families may happen. We have had tremendous success with this program at the BBRC and Chuck has been actively campaigning beyond our District to spread the program to other clubs within Rotary. For his continued passion and involvement in championing this cause, we honor him with ROTM for June.

Membership: New Member Committee

Introducing Stephanie Roberts - BBRC's Newest Member

By Kaj Pedersen

John Uppendahl and Stephanie Roberts after her induction to the club

We inducted Stephanie Roberts into club membership this week. Stephanie will be joining us with the classification of Marketing – Full Funnel. Stephanie is vocationally involved with the American Marketing Association and has been looking for an opportunity to become active in the community, where she can leverage her professional experience to make a difference. Stephanie finds enjoyment in design and painting, as well as volunteering in support of good works. We are excited to have her join our club, where there will be plenty of opportunity for her to put her talents to work in Service above Self. Please take time to welcome Stephanie to the club and engage her in our activities.

Rotating the Wheels 2018


Social Event  •   Organized by Club Admin: Fellowship Committee

If you are having trouble registering for our Annual Rotating the Wheels party, please click the blue button to send Carmela an email with how many tickets you’d like. Then you can pay Kim at the front desk at a meeting. Be sure to register TODAY – the Early Bird Sale Price of $35 ticket ends June 15th. After that, party tickets are $50 each. (If you CAN login to the website, that is the preferred way to register.)

Here are all the details:

Who: You (and Guest)

What: Rotating the Wheels Party

Why: Why Not?!?! Really…to Celebrate the turning of the Rotary Leadership Year

Where: Newport Shores Yacht Club, 81 Skagit Key Bellevue, WA 98006

When: Saturday, June 30th 5:30 pm – 11:00 pm

How Much: Tickets are $50 – BUT WAIT!!! If you register TODAY you can get them at an EARLY BIRD rate of $35. The Early Bird Sale Price ends June 15th!!

Questions?? Hit the blue button and email Carmela!!

By Adam Mihlstin

We had a great turnout at the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank for this weekend’s work party.  Several BBRC’ers did “spud scrub” (sorting potatoes) and office work.

The Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank provides support to hundreds of families each week.  Each month the IFCB secures, processes and delivers over 75,000/lbs. of food.  During the holiday season (Thanksgiving – New Years) they handle close to 175,000/lbs. of food.  IFCB also provides case management, holiday gift programs, school supplies, toiletries and more to local families in need of a helping hand.  Each week IFCB assembles 280 “superpacks” – these include school lunches for grade school students.