Friday May 4, 2018

Kevin Mather

President & CEO Seattle Mariners

“The 2018 Seattle Mariners – Both On and Off the Field!”

Scribe: Kaj Pedersen Introduced by: Bob Holert

We kicked off the meeting with high-fives after our club President announced that we had secured the Presidential Citation for our club’s work this Rotary year.  Congratulations to everyone in the club for making their contributions toward this achievement.

Chuck Kimbrough led the invocation and pledge this morning and this was followed up Wendi Fischer introducing our guest this morning.  We had some fifteen guests this morning, which included our Forest Ridge Interact group.

We kicked off with Clint Merriman being called up to replace his Red badge now that he has completed his tasks on the way to full membership, which allows him to secure his Blue badge.  Our congratulations to Clint for making the transition happen so quickly and we continue to look forward to his engagement with our club.

Kaj, Ann and Caitlin at District Conference being held at Tulalip Resort

Kaj Pedersen provided the club membership with an update about our District conference that happened last weekend.  He thanked Ann Norman and Caitlin Devaney for the participation as well.  This year the conference was focused on New Generations, including the speaking programs being led Rotaractors – it was great to feel the energy and passion come through with the young leaders participation this year.  We also had a hands on service project to pack personal care kits for Puerto Rico and women who were freed out of being sex trafficked.  The goal was to pack 400 in an hour and with the support of all the Rotarians at the district conference, we were able to pack 800 in around 40 minutes – amazing!

Chris Boland came up to provide us with a quick update on the All in for Autism 5K/10K Walk/Run – the weather came through for us with the result that we had 1600 participants on the day.  Chris thanked everyone involved with the organization of the event, especially for all the hard work that was involved in bringing the event together.  Our thanks to Chris for helping to lead the charge for our main fundraising event this year.

Franny with the Interact group addresses our club

Our Interact team from Forest Ridge, who provide some 40 volunteers to the support the event, came up to be recognized for their leadership and involvement with Rotary this year.  Laura Coascchi update our members on the Interact and provided the young ladies with gifts for their service this Rotary year.  We also had the opportunity to hear from Franny, who spoke on behalf of the group to our members.  We are thrilled that they were able to join us for the meeting this morning and for their support of the Rotary cause.


Baseball trivia led by our SAA, Curtis Cummings

We finished the club program with our SAA, Curtis Cummings, getting our members involved with a baseball trivia quiz.  We had five questions to answer and it took a wee while for us to get through them as we had the usual high jinx from our members in their responses – a great moment of hilarity.  Thanks Curtis for keeping the moment fresh.



Bob Holert led the introduction of Kevin Mather, CEO & President of the Seattle Mariners,

Kevin Mather, President & CEO of the Seattle Mariners

who started off with some personal anecdotes about his experience within the Mariners and baseball.  Kevin was able to provide us with his personal observations related to the Mariners and this season, while also providing us with some updates from within the club – including the real story behind the retirement of Ichiro.

Kaj Pedersen closed of the meeting by thanking our speaker and visiting guests, before finishing with a quote from Joaquin Andujar (St. Louis Cardinals): “You can sum up the game of baseball in one phrase: ‘You never know.'”

Club Announcements

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New Generations: Youth Services Committee

District Conference Service Project

By Kaj Pedersen

Ann Norman packing hygiene kits at District 5030 conference

Ann Norman, Caitlin Devaney and Kaj Pedersen joined in with other Rotarians to participate in the District 5030 Conference Service project.  We helped with many other Rotarians to pack hygiene kits for Puerto Rico Hurricane victims and for Sex Trafficked victims in Seattle.  This service project provided

Getting our hands dirty and making things happen!

us with a hands-on experience, while assembling critical hygiene kits with items that had been procured through Interact, Rotaract and Rotary clubs in District 5030, connecting all generations of the Rotary organization.  All items were put into

reusable Rotary drawstrings backpacks, and we also had an opportunity to write a personal note for each kit. Our key goal was to make a positive and personal impact to those in a time of need and to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Int’l Svc: World Community Svc Comm.

Mini-van for Day Center Supporting Disabled Children in Georgia

John Martinka Telling our Members about our Support for a mini-van in Georgia

John Martinka updated our club members about an international project in Borjomi, Georgia.  This was a joint project in association with Bellevue Lunch.  We supported with funds the donation of a mini-van to a day center that supports children with disabilities in the area.  John shared with the club a video of the day centers work and its impact – watch the video by clicking the yellow button to learn more.

Membership: New Member Committee

BBRC's Newest Member - Kevin Klustner

By Kaj Pedersen

Kevin Klustner is Welcomed to the BBRC as a New Member

Please welcome Kevin Klustner who was formally inducted to our club this past Friday.  Kevin’s sponsors were Morris Kremen and David Bolson.  Kevin was presented with his Red Badge and Rotary pin and will be joining with the classification of Energy Technology.  His interests are history (Civil War) and sports, so please take an opportunity to reach out to Kevin and learn more as he makes his way toward the Blue Badge.