Friday Jan 11, 2019

Scott Powers

Principal Sammamish High School

“A Visit to the NEW Sammamish High School!”

Introduced by: Howard Johnson

Sammamish High School and BBRC have a long-term relationship including the Rotary Student of the Month program, DECA and scholarship grants. In addition, Sammamish students have assisted us by providing volunteers for our annual walk-run.

Sammamish High School has gone through a total rebuild, making it the newest high school in the Bellevue School District. Completed in 2018, Sammamish High now has a new facility and our visit will give us an opportunity to hear from Scott Powers, the Principal at Sammamish, as well as the architect that designed their new facility.

Please try to arrive in the cafeteria before 7:15am for breakfast, catered by the District Food Services department. We will be moving to the Performing Arts Center for a presentation at 7:30. The meeting will conclude a little early (around 8:15 AM), to allow time for a short tour of the facility for those members and guests who might be interested.


You are asked to park in the lot directly south of the school and will gain access to this lot off 140th Ave. S.E.  The lot is considered the south parking lot is designated for students.  Since we will be arriving before school starts, there should be plenty of spaces available at 6:45 am.  You will then enter the school using the main staircase, by the flagpole.  As you enter the school the cafeteria is on your right.  As you check in, we will also ask you to sign up as a visitor to Sammamish HS.




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Dine Around - February 9-10th, 2019

By Robin Callan

The annual BBRC Dine Around is an opportunity to gather in small social setting and enjoy a potluck dinner in a Rotarian home.  It is a fun event and presents the opportunity to meet Rotarians in a smaller group than the usual fellowship events.

Sign up by clicking on the yellow button at the top of the form.  Get on the list before February 2.  Please note if you will be attending with a spouse/guest, check if you’d like to attend on Saturday, February 9th or Sunday, February 10th.  We have many wonderful hosts so come for the fun!

The week before the event the hosts will be notified who will be coming to their house as guests.  The host will then contact their guests and let them know what they can bring to contribute to the dinner; appetizers, desserts, salads, beverages, etc.

We hope you will all rally around one of the jewels of our Fellowship events at the BBRC!