Friday Mar 15, 2019

Johnny Bacolas

Musician, Music Producer, Studio Engineer and Music Video Director The Rumba Kings

“Musicians Supporting Clean Water”

March is clean water month in Rotary so our program today is aligned with this Rotary mission!

The Clean Water Foundation, a Washington non-profit organization( and local musical group, The Rumba Kings, have partnered to propose a national campaign to bring awareness to the ongoing crisis of unclean drinking water in impoverished countries, which currently affects 1.1 billion people worldwide. 

The clean water foundation is owned and operated by founder, Leon McLaughlin.  Leon was inspired to create the company during his travels, meeting people affected by unclean drinking water.  This inspired Leon to create a machine for purifying water, and to distribute them globally.  To date, the Clean Water Foundation has distributed over 1000 machines to 32 countries.   Partners include Starbucks, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Vision, and The Peace Corps. 

Leon and two members of The Rumba Kings ( Johnny Bacolas and George Stevens will be in attendance to discuss their proposal to campaign for a national concert and theme song to raise awareness and money for this global crisis.   Think the “We are the World campaign” from the 80s with a few twists. 

All proceeds would benefit The Clean Water Foundation. 

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