Friday Aug 17, 2018

Mackenzie Dolstad / Dan Hintz

Stewartship Program Manager / Restoration Project Coordinator Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

“Community Engagement Across the Mountains to Sound Greenway”

Introduced by: Jenny Andrews

Weaving together the urban and the wild, the Mountains to Sound Greenway connects 1.5 million acres surrounding Interstate 90, including the 15th-largest metropolis in the United States. More than 900,000 acres of land are now publicly owned, from city parks to expansive public forests.  At the heart of the Greenway Trust’s mission is the belief that we form stronger and more resilient communities when connected to nature.  This presentation will highlight the numerous opportunities for members of the community to learn about, explore and steward the Greenway landscape. 





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Membership: New Member Committee

Welcome to Doug Pinkley - BBRC's Newest Member

By Kaj Pedersen

Kaj Pedersen introducing Doug Pinkley to his new friends at the BBRC!

Congratulations to Doug Pinkley!  BBRC’s newest member, who formerly joined our club this past Friday.  Doug is also Samantha’s father, so we are thrilled to have both family members be a part of the BBRC family – we look forward to their involvement, while encouraging their passion for supporting our community.  Please make sure you reach out to Doug and welcome him into our fold over the next few weeks – especially in helping Doug navigate the ropes of moving toward securing his blue badge.