Friday Sep 16, 2016

Casey Walker

Screenwriter, Lost Kites documentary Voice for the Voiceless


Introduced by: Bob Holert

“LOST KITES” is a full-length feature documentary that captures the stories of three abandoned kids braving their way, and a film team that discovers a call to restore families.

Lost Kites” was produced by a team of six filmmakers who set out on a journey to find solutions to the global orphan crisis. After two documentary projects and overseas volunteer service in ArgentinaPanama, Rwanda, Uganda, India and Nepal with media advocacy non-profit, A Voice for the Voiceless, the team  gathered in 2013 to plan and begin a two-year journey to 22 nations. A crowd-funding campaign, coupled with the team’s personal contributions, allowed the completion of the filming and post-production.

Today’s speaker Casey Walker, one of the “Lost Kites” team members, will discuss the mission, objectives and findings of their “orphan” study.

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By Paul Osborn

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