Friday Dec 15, 2017

Santa Claus

General Manager North Pole Enterprises

“Holiday Breakfast”

Introduced by: Carmela Ramaglia

What  a fabulous breakfast with BBRC members!   After a scrumptious breakfast, the best darn breakfast club in the world members and their guests had a chance to meet a special guest!  Then some special choir members sang with Josh on piano. 

A huge thank you to Carmela and the fellowship committee for an absolutely fabulous holiday event!



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Club Admin: Program Committee

Family Celebration and Special Seasonal Guest from the North Pole

By Kaj Pedersen

Great fellowship the Rotary meeting as our members mingled with each other and their families. Wishing everyone seasonal greetings as we finish the year with our last meeting for 2017!

Our Rotary members came together for our last meeting this year and met our special guest, and his helper, from the North Pole.  We had a lively program of seasonal music, which included our choral quartet putting on a skit that got everyone to a humorous start this Friday morning.

Our thanks to Josh Stewart, Carmela Ramaglia, Clint Merriman, Kim Shrader, Howard Johnson, Wendi Fischer, Jay Fiske and Steve Goldfarb for the amazing program.

I wish you all a wonderful celebration for the season and a Happy New Year.  See you all at the Black & White event on January 6th, 2018.  Do not forget to register via the yellow registration button.

Community Svc: Service Projects Committee

Some Assembly Required – Traditions!

By Adam Mihlstin

Happy Holidays to All and Thank You to All who contributed to this years’ Giving Tree.

We collected over $1,250 of gifts and $175 of gift cards, all donated to Hopelink’s Bellevue facility.  Hopelink and their merry helpers will distribute these gifts throughout the community.

Special thanks to Clint Merriman and his company Insperity for their generous donation of toys and socks.

Executive Committee

Season for Family and Miracles

By Kaj Pedersen

BBRC Fellowship

Wow!  We kick off December with an opportunity to actively engage in delivering miracles, while also taking an opportunity to celebrate our Rotary involvement with our families this month.  A number of notable items I do want to acknowledge as we kick off this month that is traditionally about families in the Rotary calendar:

  • It was good to see our members already rally to the EREY cause in November and a huge shout out to Scott Sadler and his team for their dedication in helping us reach for this goal.  We are only a few short of hitting the 100% mark.  I hope that the remaining few, who have not committed to supporting the foundation, will be able to make their contribution and help us cross the finish line for EREY.
  • Our Turkey Drive was hugely successful and we were able to secure a cash surplus of $6,250 thanks to everyone’s generosity.  In particular, I would like to further recognize Alan Bohling, Tom Leonidas, Steven Goldfarb, Matt Dijulio and Morris Kremen for their donations.  We will use some of the funds to honor Michel Carter’s memory within RFH and being awarded the Mike Shanahan Award for his contributions to RFH.
  • We had a great shout out from Chris Boland this past Friday to help fulfill a seasonal miracle for a member of community who can benefit from our help – a great opportunity for fellowship, doing good and getting our hands dirty as we help an elderly member of community tidy up his yard!  Please reach out to Chris, Ann Norman or me if you are willing to get involved.

    Every Rotarian Every Year!

  • Our Eastside Rotaracts are taking on the cause of helping the homeless by securing clean socks and they have asked us to help.  This is a wonderful way for us to lend our support to a wonderful group of people that take pride in being sponsored by our club.  I hope that each of our members can buy a pair or two of socks to help them in their drive with this community project.  It is worth noting that clean socks are the most asked for item from the homeless support groups and reminds us that it is the simplest things that can make a difference for those who are challenged in our community.
  • I hope that you will all support the call from Carmela to support our Family Party on December 15th – it is an opportunity for our club members to bring their family into the spirit of fellowship that underpins our club’s success.  It is also a wonderful way for us to say thank you for their support of our Rotary commitments.  Also, let’s not forget the Black & White Party to be hosted at the Loft in Washington Square – let’s kick off the New Year with a strong showing of fellowship and celebration.
  • I want to leave the best to last – our Apple Cup Tom Foolery, where we had a couple of miracles in one day!  First, Kim Shrader was indeed seen in a husky sweatshirt, after losing his Apple Cup bet to Dennis Newell and Bob Holert – a miracle to behold for sure!  However, Kim’s reluctance to sing the Husky fight song was followed up by our second miracle of Dennis and Bob leading the Cougar fight song with our Cougs in attendance – this was a seasonal miracle wrapped up in the 4-way test as a gift that BUILT GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS within our club!

I look forward to sharing the rest of this month with you all as we rush headlong into the final month of 2017 and reflect on the good that we are doing through our work with Rotary and its mission.

Club Admin: Program Committee

Switzerland's Best Kept Secret (it's not chocolate!)

By Adam Mihlstin

Let’s close the skills-gap here in the United States.  Literally, millions of jobs sit vacant because there’s little infrastructure in-place to provide training and a vocational education for well-paying jobs.  The per capita income in Switzerland is approx. $80K.  In the United States, approx. $60K.

So very honored to have Suzi and Eric LeVine join us today at the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club.  Their presentation on how the United States should replicate the Swiss Vocational Education and Training System was spot-on.  Such a program is desperately needed here in the United States.


Community Svc: Rotary First Harvest


By Adam Mihlstin

Today, the University District Club hosted Rotary First Harvest’s 2017 Shanahan Awards.  This year 3 awards were given.  The first was presented to Kris and Erick Ringsrud.  The Ringsruds have an apple orchard in Cashmere and have generously donated thousands of pounds of apples to RFH.  The second award was presented to Ed Taylor of Taylor Driving School.  TDS has been crisscrossing the state, hauling over 250,000 lbs. of produce.

The third award was presented to the Carter Family in memory of Michel Carter.  There was a tribute video (CLICK HERE) presented then Adam Mihlstin and Howard Johnson provided comments about Michel, BBRC, Rotary and RFH.  Rachel and Brian Carter were in attendance to receive the Shanahan Award – a beautiful crystal apple etched with Michel’s name and a fitting tribute to his many contributions to RFH.

OFFSITE Anniversary Black & White PARTY

OFFSITE Anniversary PARTY January 6th!

Social Event  •   Organized by Club Admin: Fellowship Committee
By Carmela Ramaglia

Our first “MEETING” of 2018 is an OFFSITE Anniversary PARTY!!

Join us for a “Black and White” Anniversary Party! An Elegant Evening (that means put on your fancy clothes people!!) of wine, appetizers, and good old fashioned BBRC Fellowship Fun.

WHO: YOU (and guests)

WHAT: A Black & White Anniversary Party

WHY: We can’t have a regular BBRC meeting at Glendale that week, and an Anniversary Party sounded much more fun!

WHERE: The LOFT at Washington Square 10610 NE 9th Place, Third Floor, Bellevue, WA 98004

WHEN: Saturday, January 6th 2018 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm

HOW: SIGN UP HERE!! (See that REGISTER HERE! button at the upper right? CLICK IT to view more details – including the low down on parking – and to register!)

Holiday Breakfast – December 15th 2017


Social Event  •   Organized by Club Admin: Fellowship Committee
By Carmela Ramaglia

Our Annual Holiday Breakfast – and LAST MEETING of 2017 – is Friday, December 15th.

Please bring your families to enjoy holiday fellowship and fun. We’ll have a holiday carol sing-a-long and fun activities for kids (maybe even Santa!)

There is NO extra ticket CHARGE this year – YAY!!! But PLEASE REGISTER by DECEMBER 8th so we can get head counts to catering!!

Happy Holidays!!