Friday Mar 10, 2017

Tom Lawry

Director of Worldwide Health Microsoft

“Finding Your Voice in the Health Reform Debate”

Introduced by: Jenny Andrews

The American healthcare system is the largest economic and social issue of our time and it’s in dire need of change. We spend more per citizen on health services than any country in the world and yet our results put America at the bottom of most rankings for quality and outcomes.


Each day the media bludgeons us with reports on the problems with the health system followed by proponents and pundits putting forward “soundbites for change” that fit neatly into two-minute news segments. Listen carefully and you begin to understand the problem. You see, every day in America nine billion dollars change hands in healthcare. The reform debate is less about the addressing the underlying issues and more about the politics of how to spend this money.

While there are many complexities to the healthcare delivery system, there are fundamental “trends and truths” that every American can and should understand.

This presentation does not present any views on any reform proposals. Instead, it provides information and a framework to help you formulate or confirm your own views on any health reform proposal in keeping with your values and social priorities.

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