Friday Aug 5, 2016

Kaj Pedersen

Vice President of Operations Atlas Informatics

“Atlas Informatics – Journey of a spin-off from IVY Softworks Innovation Studio”

Scribe: Paul Chapman Introduced by: Bob Holert

Kaj started by explaining the inspiration for Ivy Innovation Studio:

  • Wanted to develop a better model for early-stage venture capital and entrepreneurship.
  • Brought together an A-team of early-stage innovators whose broad goal is to build multiple technology startups together.
  • This model enabled them to engage, incentivize, and inspire those early contributors to stick with the team beyond the first successful product, instead of losing them to another company as they pursue their next challenge.
  • Key to this model is a set of incentives and equity structures that allow innovators to benefit in a way that compares to being a founding member of a startup, retaining ownership and upside for what they contribute.

The innovation studio model was designed to solve the following problems:

  • Resolved a key problem in technology startups and the venture capital community: the loss of time and investment when a great team splits up
  • Ivy Softworks’ unique funding term structure enabled the team to experiment with multiple big ideas, staying focused on developing the strongest of them without having to worry about the usual stability and financing risks of startups
  • From an investor’s perspective, their capital is better utilized by leveraging it across multiple ideas with the same A-team, rather than betting on just one idea built from scratch by a new team

So, was Ivy Innovation Studio successful? Yes, however, all of the 34 plus employees became employees of a promising concept called Atlas Informatics as of April 22, 2016.

Atlas Informatics: The first complete personal search index, with the customer at the center and surrounded by everything the customer interacts with digitally. Data is accumulated automatically across all one’s devices, apps & data.

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Club Announcements

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By Paul Osborn


Je vous ecris ce petit mot pour vous exprimez ma gratitude de m’avoir accueillie cette année, l’ambiance du Bellevue Breakfast Botary Club va beaucoup me manquer ! Je vous souhaite une bonne vie a tous et j’espère vous recroiser !


Community Svc: Service Projects Committee

Congregation For The Homeless / St. Thomas Church

By Adam Mihlstin

A big shout-out to several Club members.  The St. Thomas Church reached out to BBRC last week in hopes we could support their efforts to house and feed 30 homeless men for the month of July.

The original request was to sponsor one lunch.  With the generosity of Fred Barkman, Brian Evison, Paul Cunnington, John Schwager, Colin Radford and Adam Mihlstin we raised over $200 and procured bread, deli meats, fruit, chips, snacks and bottled water for 3 to 4 days of lunches.

Thank you gentlemen!

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An update from Enky and Imagine Scholar

By Fred Janssen

Hello Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club,
We hope this message finds you well.
Firstly, we’d like to share our exciting news!  Imagine Scholar’s new and improved website is now live: Please check it out and let us know your thoughts.
More importantly, attached is your second quarter update from Enky. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.52.27 AM
If you have any questions for Enky or would like to write her, please feel free to utilize me as your liaison.  I’d be thrilled to help you get to know her more.
All the best,
Megan on behalf of Imagine Scholar

Megan Nellis

Program Director
ZA- +27 (0)76 657 3365